MYOF Clothing x Benny Gold

MYOF Clothing x Benny Gold - student project


Update - Wednesday 24th April 2013

Another little update for now.

MYOF Clothing x Benny Gold - image 1 - student project


Update - Wednesday 24th April 2013

So I have kind of hit a creative road block at the moment as I want to do something interesting with the negative space. Here is an update anyway as to where I'm at.

MYOF Clothing x Benny Gold - image 2 - student project


Update - Monday 22nd April 2013

So I did a few little amendments to the typography part of the main design as you can see below. I now need to come up with some form of illustration to put this in to now. Being as Benny Gold is a big skate influenced brand I want it to hopefully bring some of those vibes into it. 

MYOF Clothing x Benny Gold - image 3 - student project


Update - Saturday 20th April 2013

So today I started working on the main body for the shirt. I knew the direction I wanted to take with this from the off. Benny Gold has a very almost sign writing style to some of his work, something that lends itself well to the typographic work I have done with MYOF Clothing, First thing I came up with was a phrase I wanted to be incorporated into the shirt.

'Life is what YOU make of it'

From here I went to sketch out a real rough layout for the wording, this quickly went into digitizing it using my tablet. There is a long way to go with this one to embellish it exactly how I want to, but I am at a point where I'm happy with the general typographic layout. 

Anyways less talking more showing, heres the digitized version, with the sketch below to show the progression.

MYOF Clothing x Benny Gold - image 4 - student project

MYOF Clothing x Benny Gold - image 5 - student project


Update - Friday 19th April 2013

As you can tell I am already a fair way behind on the syllabus but planning on making a lot of headway this weekend. Anyway, rather than get deep into thinking about the main design of the shirt I wanted to design some of the little details of the shirt instead. My Reasoning for this is that I feel the little details in a tee are often overlooked by brands but something that personally I think everyone enjoys and makes them want to come back to a brand.

With this in mind I went on to start designing the sleeve prints for the colloboration. One thing that really struck me as something that is very apparent in both life in San Francisco and life in London is cloud / fog. Most mornings when I was working out in San Francisco I woke up to a fog covered downtown, where as everyone know that London is quite often overcast and rainy.

I wanted to bring the two brands together so I will be taking the most popular phrases used by both for these prints.

Benny Gold - 'Stay Gold'
MYOF Clothing - 'Live Life Love Life'

On that note I put a little rough sketch of an idea I had, I'm not the greatest at sketching so I usually move on to the digital side of the process a lot quicker than most, it is more to just get a rough idea of how things may look.

MYOF Clothing x Benny Gold - image 6 - student project

From here I quickly moved on to the tablet and macbook to get my idea more solid.

MYOF Clothing x Benny Gold - image 7 - student project


MYOF Clothing is a streetwear brand started up by myself (The Viking) in early 2012. The name came from my annoyance of people's generalities of there own lives through social media, people would complain about things that realistically they are the only people that can do anything about. Make Your Own Future was born. The idea behind the majority of MYOF Clothing's products is to provide a saying that will motivate people to take control of the smaller things they have full control of.

In the past year I have been working hard to get the clothing brand off the floor and at this point I am about a month of the first launch of the brand. I wanted to be able to have good experience of all the sides of the business so as it stands at this point, I currently do everything, from designing screen printing the clothing, to photographing the products, to building the website, to distributing the products.

I wanted to start this project with a means to hopefully start a colloboration with a larger brand to not only be good for the publicity of my own brand but to also form bonds with other great streetwear brands out there, I feel its a very small world in the streetwear scene and I want to give back to the scene that I am so fond of. Here are a couple of images to understand the MYOF brand.

MYOF Clothing x Benny Gold - image 8 - student project

MYOF Clothing x Benny Gold - image 9 - student project


Chosen Brand - Benny Gold

Benny Gold are a brand I have followed for a while, last year I got the lucky opportunity to work out in San Francisco for three months. During that time I became extremely fond of the story behind the brand along with how Benny gives back to the community he quite obviously cares so much about, he is a very humble man who began work as a designer for some top brands in the world. To cut to the chase, he decided it was time to start up his own brand and see how things went. As it stands he has now just completed a refurbishment of his store in its second location, incorporating an art gallery for local talented artists to display their work to the San Franciscan people.

Benny Gold Moodboard

MYOF Clothing x Benny Gold - image 10 - student project

MYOF Clothing x Benny Gold - image 11 - student projectMYOF Clothing x Benny Gold - image 12 - student project

MYOF Clothing x Benny Gold - image 13 - student project

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