I lived in a very small apartment, and my sister don't have any space to have a place to work, so I decided to build a furniture in my bedroom to use the empty space, and make her workspace.

The furniture is in wood, she really like the texture of this material. The design i made has two tables, one for her study, and the other table to be use as her nightstand. In the study place i add some colors she like, and build a shelf with  some boxes i also make to keep some of her stuff.

I also made some DIY tutorials to make some other methods to organize her color, pencils, cutters, erase etc.

In the middle of the furniture i make some boxes to keep other materials and equipment that is bigger, like pain, pencils, sprays, fabric, rulers, glue.

and finally the table that she used as a nightstand. i painted an old lamp that i have and gave him a little fun and attitude. Also i put all her books and some works she have made off.

sorry for my english is not my language, i hope you can understand!

Thank you!


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