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(MYPROMOTION.US) is and e-commerce startup company positioning itself to become the market pioneer  offering all  in one  affordable  college sports recruiting  online solutions  for athletes around the globe  looking to obtaining  a college scholarhip in US  universities , the company also offers the same all in one free online solutions  for college coaches  facilitating the  recruiting process  of International athletes  The company will put together  International athletes, colleges coaches , High tech , industry Know how,   in  one platform (MYPROMOTION.US)  allowing  the demand and supply of the market to interact  in a hassle free  atmosphere and most important in a recruiting barriers free atmospheres, the company will offers to connect  athletes and college coaches at a fraction of what a college sports recruiting agency will cost , empowering athletes to take control of their college promotion and their future , by using (MYPROMOTION.US ) International athletes  will no longer need to depends on anyone else that offers “college contacts”   or  the need to  have international playing experience or to have financial resources available in order to get connected with college coaches and obtaing a College Scholarship, (MY PROMOTION) is for every  amateur athlete in the glove no matter the sports and finanacial status. By creating a new service category and utilizing the first-mover advantage, positions itself for rapid growth and gains a strong opportunity to raise entry barriers for possible competition


6.0 Market Analysis Summary


6.1 Actual Market for Existing Service Category


6.1.1 Promoting and Recruiting


The actual market of the recruiting process of international athletes for college sports is very small and limited without much room for growth, since is a market that faces many barriers  and is limited to just a few athletes that have some kind of college contacts ,international playing experiences or financial resources.  Our  experience Running ISC Sports one of the most prestige recruiting agencies for international athletes  tells us that only  athletes with international experience and financial capabilities can began a recruiting process, the average of money expenditure of the athletes family in this process in around 8 k for the entire process and this is  not a guarantee process. The amounts of international athletes that engage in a recruiting process in some sports is not  even 1 % of the total target market  and this is due to the many barriers  this current service category faced.


6.2 Situation Analysis


Given its complexity and exclusivity, many of the athletes that promote themselves or start any type of recruiting process fail to succeed in obtain an athletic scholarship and the reason is lack of access and knowledge of International  college sports recruiting  information.  Also Athletic skills are only one part of the college promoting and recruiting process, an important one, however, athletes fail on preparing academic and regulatory items, and right there is where the process falls short to a majority of athletes that do start a recruiting process (the lack of knowledge  and contacts makes the process extremely complicated). Today, 90% plus of international athletes DO NOT KNOW about scholarships (athletics and academics) opportunities in US colleges and that is probably the biggest barrier this current service category  faced. Experience tells us that only the best athletes are contacted directly by the athletic departments and coaches of the universities based mainly on their athletic level and records, but these athletes in many sports are an insignificant percentage of the total athletes recruited per year per sports the rest of the athlete that get recruited is because the proactively promote themselves with the right sports program or college coach.


6.3 Actual Market Niche existing service category


Today, every single college recruiting agency performs in their specific geographical territory given a language and cultural advantage which certainly creates trust to the customer located in that specific territory.  A few agencies have gone global, with franchises or sales associate’s schemes.  However, the big sales are generated in the territory of influence.  Actual customers for college recruiting agencies are all athletes (men and women) with , national and international trajectory in the 16 varsity  sports  that posses  some knowledge about the recruiting  process and  in the majority of the cases are athletes that  comes from high  income families, the vast majority of the international athletes that are currently playing college sports  are in the  sports of Tennis and Golf ( male and female)


6.4 Market Needs:


Consumers (athletes) - demand not only accessibility but convenience, affordability and a real shot of accomplish their goals without expending large amounts of money.  Consumers are looking not to depend on anyone else but them to accomplish their goals.  As we stated above who will put more time on their promotion process but athletes itself


6.5 Market Trends


6.5.1 Athletic Recruiting in the Future


*According to the AMERICAN COACHES FEDERATION (ACF), The trends in college recruiting are changing and will continue to change in the future. Modern technology will allow coaches to get better information on more prospects and to get this information much faster than before. The following are some of the trends we see evolving:

Coaches will place more emphasis on personal video to evaluate prospects. Since video quality has improved drastically and the transfer of this video can be done online at a high speed – with the proper equipment – this makes it much easier to evaluate large numbers of prospects.

Teleconferencing will be used more and more for coaches to conduct interviews with prospects and their parents. This will become more common, especially with the smaller programs or those that have small recruiting budgets. It will allow them to expand their recruiting radius and attract more potential student-athletes. More International students will be recruited.


Communications technology is a new industry explosion. Also because of the Internet, growth in communications technology items is explosive.


6.6 Market Growth


As of today the market of athletes looking to start a college sports recruiting process in the US is enormous with more than 7 million athletes looking to get connected with college coaches, for international athletes the demand has increase According to an NCAA study (DeHass, 2008), international student-athletes comprised 6.2 percent of all athletes at the Division-I level in 2006-07, up from 2.4 percent eight years earlier (Wieberg, 2008). In certain sports, the number of international student-athletes is particularly striking.  For example, 49.9 percent of women's tennis rosters and 38.4 percent of men's tennis rosters were comprised of foreign student- athletes in 2006-07 (DeHass, 2008).  Even though the number of international athletes participating in college sports has increase over the years the percentage still very low and that is because of the many barriers athletes, families and college coaches faced


6.7 Potential Market for the Newly Created Service Category (


Potential Market Niche/ Market demographics for this newly created service category every singles athlete that comply with these requirements is a prospect:


·      Athletes from 29 different sports  ( see attachment)

·      Ages between 15 to 24 years old

·      Attending 8th grade in high school to 6th semester at college

·      Must be a competitive athlete or looking to be one

·      Do not need to speak English to begin the process

·      Do not need to come from high income families


6.8 SWOT Summary



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