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Hello everyone, my name is Jule and I'm from Germany. I have just turned 37 and I live in a little house with my husband and daughter and our cat.

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I wanted to show you some nightstand pictures. I have tried different settings:

no. 1) glass vase, the modern alarm clock that I had plus the lamp I owned, metal butterfly picture

no. 2) my new "old" alarm clock, different plant, butterfly picture, old test tube holder with empty test tubes and feather

no. 3) (NOW)

The I looked for some more bling and found this beautiful brass bowl in the form of a tortoise shell. It holds my wristwatch and the little jewelry I care to wear. I also added books. I am still looking for a different night lamp.

I have the feeling that the positioning of the objects is still not perfect, but I'm loving it already. Compare this with the BEFORE-pictures of my (non-existing) nightstand. ;)

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Project THREE: nightstand

The thing is, we didn't have nightstands!

We had only bought our new bed quite recently and were looking for nightstands but hadn't bought any. Let's be honest, as in many homes, our bedroom was rather neglected - it's the room where you "only" sleep and usually no one else gets to see this room, so why spend more effort on it. BUT this class motivated me to change that!!! I am still working on this, but wanted to show you the change that took place here by just adding a nightstand!

This is what it looked like BEFORE:

As I warned you: no nightstand, a lamp and an alarm clock on the floor next to my bed. My husband's side of the bed looked exactly like mine. No nightstand, same lamp. No alarm clock - he uses his cell to wake up every morning and he kept it on the floor.

I was thinking so hard about what I would buy - wood, metal, glass, drawer, shelf??? Then it really struck me. I went to the garage ... and found this:

I cleaned it and made sure I didn't bring spiders, mice or anything else into the house. ;)

Now it looks like this:

And THEN I noticed that we had the matching cabinet in the house and it would fit perfectly on my husband's side of the bed:

I know I wasn't following the photography rules here ... sorry. But can you see my "unmade" bed. Haha.

We had this locker style cabinets under the stairs in our old home. After we had moved the little one landed in the garage and the big one was in our daughter's bedroom first and later it was in the hallway, because we didn't know where to put it. I guess it has found its place now. ;)

I am so happy that I wanted to share this even though it is by no means a finished project. I haven't applied the rules and styled the nightstand (at all!) yet. I will do so in the next step, I also want to add casters to it. And also give the bedding a makeover. I have ordered a new (old) alarm clock and will find another lamp because this one appears to be too high as we have a pitched roof area there. I have collected ideas on Pinterest though. ;)

Find my Pinterest board for the master bedroom here:

This is the first time that I didn't have to buy something new but was able to shop my own home for something that really works so well. I am proud of myself because I didn't have to spend money on new furniture. ;) What do you think?

By the way, you will already have noticed that this is the Ikea PS locker. I am not sure whether the little one has been discontinued.

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Project TWO: bookshelf


This is what the bookshelf looked like before I started.We have two identical bookshelves, this is the left one. (It is Ikea Bonde, now discontinued, almost exactly like Expedit, with cube-like shelf compartments.)

Last year I had sorted the books according to their color - well, more or less, and it turned out we had SO  MANY black books as my husband loves to read Stephen King novels - I think we have them all. :D I also like whodunits, and for some reason they all seem to have black covers. Not very decor-friendly. ;)

There were quite a few red, blue and yellow books and almost no green ones. ;)

But I liked it like that for a while.

Of course, after reading Justina's suggestions, I started to do my homework.

I took all the books out of the shelf, put a few books away that I didn't like and put them back in, this time putting some horizontally and some vertically. Much better!


This is what it looks like now after I have changed it over and over.

I LOVE the three flower pots on top of the shelf with the new flower - I bought them today and some more for the rest of the house. I will definitely have more plants in our house from now on!

As we have some green accents in that room (and plan to add some more blue), I bought three pots in different green/blues hues. They have a glossy finish.

I also like the three Matryoschkas but might spraypaint them because they are plain white. What do you think?

For a personal touch I added our wedding photo (it used to be on the other bookshelf) and LOVE that the succulent plant that I put next to it is (almost) heart-shaped. ;)

I am thinking of putting wallpaper to the back of the shelf for more pattern, but have to find one that doesn't make it too busy.

I will change this or that again and develop and improve it further, but for now I am quite happy with how it turned out!

Please leave me a comment if you have any idea what I should change.

Thank you!


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Project ONE: credenza

I only joined this wonderful class yesterday after I had found it on Igor's blog!  I started right away but chose the credenza in our living/dining room to be my first project.

This is what it looked like before yesterday. (I took the picture last week because that's when I bought that subway art).

And this is what it looks like today. Not finished, but definitely an improvement:

NEEDS: we keep some things in the drawers...

SHAPE: rectangular table, books, picture; round: candle holders; other: stars, bird, leaf, key ...

COLOR: we like natural colors and white a lot and use some green in the entire room, but then I like how the books add more colors (will replace green candle with different one)

PATTERN: flower pot, picture (could add more here?)

TEXTURE: wood, need to add table runner, have also added feathers

PLACEMENT: may have to improve this one, too

BLING: candle holder on the right, star on the left ;)

BOTANICALS: had this olive tree in this room already, I love it!!!

I intend to buy another candle to create more contrast between the candle and the picture, and also add a table runner but have to buy one, because I don't have one that is small enough for that console.

Meanwhile I have also added some feathers for more texture. I love that because it also matches the "bird theme". ;)

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8 principles at work:


NEEDS: comfortable sofas to sit and relax

SHAPE: rectangular shapes (pictures, dresser, books, side table), round shapes (coffee table, tray on table, vases, apples)

COLOR: they stayed in the palette of green and gray

PATTERN: I like how they painted the dresser drawers in different hues to create pattern, carpet

TEXTURE: throw, pillows, plants ...

PLACEMENT: pillows on the couch, pictures on the wall, ...

BLING: glass lamp on the side table

BOTANICALS: hydrangeas

I like how they put the knitting utensils on the sofa, bite out of the apple and a coffee mug on the books as if someone had just left the room.

*Remember that English is not my native language so please regard my texts with favor ;) *


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