My name is Vincent Kukua and I work in Production for a large comics publisher. On my off-time I also am an aspiring illustrator and work on my own art as much as I possibly can.

I noticed this challenge come up this morning on the Skillshare site and jumped at the chance to take it on! I like to give myself extra challenges whenever I do one of these, and this time I'm using the prompts for each sketch, and finding songs that have some kind of connection to it, and then illustrating that intesection.


For the very first prompt, AUTUMN (which I gathered from the perusing the previous project galleries since I didn't join in time to get it on my own), I chose The White Stripes' "Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground" as my inspiration. Nothing too fancy here as I was trying to get it up before the deadline.

Hope you all like and can't wait to see what everyone else here posts.



The second day is GOURDS. Because I have to connect the sketch to a song, this one was a bit tough at first. Then, I realized the obvious (for me, at least): Use a song with an ipu as a main instrument!

For those who don't know, the ipu is a hollowed out gourd that is used mainly as a percussion instrument in the Hawaiian hula. My mother was a hula dancer so I grew up with the sounds of the ipu all around me. Looking up the song to use was still difficult because I didn't want to use just any chant, but something that I liked and had some connection with. What did I come up with? "He Mele No Lilo", the song used in the intro to Disney's Lilo & Stitch.

Have a look and listen!

The main instrument heard here is the ipu. The song is a celebratory chant dedicated to Princess Lili'ulani and King Kalakaua (know as the patron saint of the hula). It is used here as a intro to Lilo, the stubborn-headed main character of the film, a little girl I feel much kinship with, coming from a home with a single parent struggling to take care of a weird terror child.

Instead of drawing Lilo and Stitch fanart, which would have been easy, I looked up video of the actual hula and drew one of the dancers in one of the positions in the dance. This one representing the majesty of Kilauea the large mountain volcano that towers over the island.

I messed up a bit when I realized halfway through lettering that I wouldn't have room to put the whole chant. That being said, I might revisit this and repost a better version later.



I had an obvious choice here, but decided to try a little bit of research to come up with something else. In the end, the song I stuck with was Purple Rain from Prince. Prince is easily my favorite musical artist of all time and the album, Purple Rain, is in my top five all-time favorite records.

With this quick little sketch I decided not to attempt a portrait because anything I do will not even touch on what he actually looks like, so I won't even try (though I have several times before to utter failure). I went with a silhouette in purple and blue light (also the name of another of his songs). I think it works for what I need it to be.



So for this one I had only one song in mind, but it's a bit on the dark side. The song that immediately came to mind for me was Eyedea and Abilities' "Hay Fever". The song is about terminal illness, death, leaving loved ones behind, and the choices they make for their ill loved ones. It's a sad song and maybe not too appropriate considering the previous entries in my project, but I also wanted this group of sketches to be as diverse as possible to represent my eclectic tastes and moods as well.



Today is my birthday! So, it's kind of appropriate that today's word is FEAST. I get to feast on so many things, actual food being the least of those. I have the love and support of family. The awesome friendships and professional relationships that keep me going every day. A ton of artistic inspiration from all corners, including this community on SkillShare. Just gorging myself on all of it today.

My song, and more specifically Cee-Lo's verses from the song, is Goodie MOB's "Soul Food". It's a song about just being able to survive in the world and, despite all the hardships, feeling thankful for what you have and staying positive and growing every day. Cee-Lo's verses specifically talk about food and how happy and fulfilled it makes him. I agree. I need to get me a little bit of soul food right about now.



Boy, am I late! Work and family things got ahead of me this weekend so I had to put these off 'til today. This prompt had me searching for a song for a little while until I stumbled upon "Missing" from Beck's album, Guero. It fit my idea of a bonfire being place of coming together and pulling apart, a center of creation and destruction. The song is about coming to terms with a failed relationship, mourning the loss, and maybe moving on. This was my interpretation of that song.



This one was the easiest connection to make and, really, the only problem was which song to choose. I was born in Hawaii and that will always be home in my heart and in my spirit, but I grew up on the mainland, in San Francisco mostly, and also in Berkeley. So, the "west coast" is what I call home and in growing up here, I also grew up on a lot of homegrown hip hop. One song that particularly leapt to mind was Mystic's "The W" all about growing up in the laid back streets of the Bay. Mystic is also a conscious female who has gone back to school to get her Education masters and will be giving back to her community by becoming a teacher in Oakland. She's a great writer, artist, and person altogether.

If you'd like to hear the song, click right here.



OK, this was the heardest so far. I went down a long road to come to this little sketch. Ready?

So, most of the songs I found with "gathering" in the lyrics were religious and I wasn't feeling that. I decided to try a broader search and came upon several musical gatherings. There was the obvious one, The Gathering of the Juggalos, which I just wanted to stay far away from. Then, I ran up on a festival that happened this summer called The Gathering of the Vibes. Many artists played there, including The Gaslight Anthem, Wilco, Ben Harper, Sharon and The Dap-Kings, and the band that I used for this sketch, Weezer. Once I latched on to them, it was pretty simple where I wanted to take this visually: Come Undone (The Sweater Song). This immediately became a no-brainer as you can see.



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