MY FIRST RISK | Skillshare Projects

Vany Jordan

Mexican girl / Architect and flower designer.




I am not very good using illustrator, that is why I am in this, because I want to practice and learn in something that I realy love (creat and desing). 

On my first pattern, I was a little confuse because I didnt know which figure to use, but then I remeber that simple forms brings an amazing composition.

I called my first pattern: "Green emphasis".

"FLOWER" a word that I love, but for me it is difficult to creat a desing of it on the computer, in my hands it is easier. But now I will make a big effort and I will work on it. 

This is my second composition.

I got fun on my third composition. It is incredible how just a simple form look so cool only with the correct colors combination and positions. 


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