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Erin Egleston

Assistant Marry-Maker at Sitting in a Tree Events




NEED:  Besides the obvious need for a place to sit and relax, it seems the need for more storage behind the sofa resulted in the console table (or desk, not really sure)...and the need for a place to set reading material and beverages was met with a long narrow bench, perhaps doubling as extra seating when needed.

SHAPE:  The straight lines of the paintings are juxtaposed by the curve of the "S" on the wall, the lines of the books by the voluptuous glass bottles, and the ridgid horizontal lines of the "coffee table" by the softness of the sofa and cushions.

COLOR:  The muted rose color of the walls lends to the overall light, feminine, and romantic feel of the room, while the dark elements (ie.3 paintings, task lamp, and tray in the foreground) seem to ground it and add a bit of masculinity. Golden, rust, and lilac are the accents that add playfulness and visual interest.

PATTERN: The patterns on the pillows are most prominent and are balanced by a few solid cushions.

TEXTURE:  There seems to be more texture than pattern here, as seen in the throw blankets and pillows, the crumpled linen of the couch, the nubbiness of the natural fiber rug, and the worn woods of the tables.

PLACEMENT:  The artwork on the wall is placed in a trio, though the two smaller paintings can also be visually linked to the painting on the console, creating a second trio.  The glass bottles and books are grouped together to increase the impact of the collection, and the pillows are layered neatly on the couch to look less "cluttered."  And the glasses on the bench are in a group of 3.

BLING:  This is one area I think the space could improve on (I am picturing brass accents), though it looks like the center pillow is a metallic silver and gold...and the clear glass could arguably be the "bling."

BOTANICALS:  The botanical elements in the room draw your eye horizontally from the white rosebush(?) on the lefthand side, through the grassy arrangment in front of the couch, to the opposite side of the room via the potted plants atop the console.  It DEFINITELY adds movement, texture, and vivacity!! :)



Not one room in my house is the way I envision...especially my bedroom.  My bedroom seems to be the most difficult space to make decisions about, perhaps because it's such a personal space.  One that I want make PERFECT...but in the meantime I'm living with utter!  I love my Matteo linens, family heirloom crocheted bedcover, antique vanity (see next photo), and the large mirror above my bed (which I made out of molding and an old bathroom mirror)...but other than, that I'm not in love with anything.


I guess technically this is not a console or credenza, but it's what I'll be using for this project.  It's a vanity piece that was given to me by my mom, that I'm currently using as a "nightstand."  I use this piece in so many ways and haven't done a thing to style it for functionality.  I also took the fabric off the stool intending to reupholster it and it has been sitting unfinished for like 7 years (HOLY CRAP I never finish anyth...


This set of shelves is located in my kitchen and is a complete embarrassment.  I don't love the cheaply made buffet piece that holds some of my glassware/candles/alcohol/serving pieces, but I haven't found a piece yet that functions as well as this one within my price range :(  And the shelves are buggin' the crap outta me because they aren't spaced properly (I think is the issue), but they were so difficult to put in, that I'm dreading redoing them...ugh.  Oh, and there isn't a drop of styling going on there...just storage for vases.


So, I just got this couch, which I ADORE...but I'm not really sure what I was thinking.  It's exactly the style that I was looking for,'s white!  Which I know some people are big advocates for, even with little kids (cause you can take off the slipcovers and wash/bleach them) but, I have two young boys, a dog, and a husband who all find no greater joy in life than to be dirty.  So, hence the quilt covering it's entire white beauty!


This is not my usual coffee table, but since I recently gave my old one to Goodwill (when I got my new couch), I am still on the lookout for the perfect piece that functions just right in my living room.  I'm just going to practice on this one!







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