MY DAILY ROUTINE - developing good habits

MY DAILY ROUTINE - developing good habits - student project

I have been in a state of weakness for a long time and it made me feel miserable. I was having severe health issues, so I could barely move from the bed. Physically I could not do much and this destroyed my mental health as well.


Over the last couple of years since I got back from the hospital I am working on developing good habits and improving my life. Your skillshare courses have opened my eyes. I always blamed my health condition for feeling bad and depressed, but now I know why I truly felt this way. It was because I NEED TO MOVE. Staying in the same spot was the thing that made me miserable.


Now I am working each and every day to just move. Going forward. Doing small steps every day. Progressing. Growing. And I feel my best like never before.


This is how my routine looks like at the moment. I found out it works the best for me to categorize similar habits and choose every day at least one thing from each category. Today's course inspired me to push myself even more and really practice strength. That is why I have added some new habits and goals (in the green frames) that I will start working on. I am thinking about trying cold morning showers, as this could be a perfect kick out of my comfort zone :)


This is what really makes me feel the most alive. Always pushing for more, doing more, improving and progressing. We are really not born weak. Each of us has the strength in themselves.