MWStahl Author Platform, Blog and Website

MWStahl  Author Platform, Blog and Website - student project

Hello everyone

I found Christine's course to be very informative and helpful. Coming out of it I have two things to share.

First, our website and blog can be viewed at

Second, below are the notes I took while stepping through the course. If you hate taking notes but like to have them to reference, then I hope what follows is helpful. You'll see my personal thoughts in the task sections as these pertained to myself.


Lesson 1 - Understanding Your Target Audience, Part 1

Create your post for ONE person. Who is that person? How do they look, what do they want, age, income, loves and hates.

By focusing on one person you’ll action build appeal across a broader spectrum.

TASK: define your Real Reader Avatar


Lesson 2 - Understanding Your Target Audience, Part 2

Now you can figure out…

  • Social Media platforms
  • When to Post
  • Outside Interests
  • Length of Posts
  • Appropriate References
  • How to Address your Audience

Why do they need YOUR blog?

TASK: Answer the question “Why do they need YOUR blog?”

  1. What is it like to write and work full time?
  2. What is it like to do collaborative writing?
  3. Humor and variety


Lesson 3 – Understanding You and what You have to Offer

Write posts where you shine!

Your flaws make you relatable – Remember, perfect is boring

TASK: List of your personality traits, then pick three

  1. Wry sense of humor
  2. Honest
  3. Self-aware
  4. Love History
  5. Passionate when engaged


Lesson 4 – Elements of Great Content, Part 1

Original Content / Uniquely yours

Evergreen content – won’t be dated in a year or three

Engage Readers

Ask a question at the end of your post



Lesson 5 – Elements of Great Content, Part 2

Use quality images when possible to appeal to human’s visual nature

                Flickr Creative Commons

                UnSplash or Death to the Stock Photo

  • Always credit your images!

Do NOT use random pictures from the Interwebz

Write scannable posts – no large tiring paragraphs, content must be digestible



  • Remember your ideal reader avatar
  • Why do they need this post?
  • Remember to include you!
  • Keep it your own and polish it
  • Practice makes perfect