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Name: AnthonyLeo Quezada     

Location: New York City

Brand Name: "MUTE"


"MUTE" was born in the busy streets of New Yorkwhere great minds are often silenced"MUTE" represents the silent majority. As well as those who have lots to say.

Graphic tee's are the last of a dying breed in today's world of minimalist fashion. "MUTE" was founded on the same ideals that led streetwear lines to success. T-shirts.

"MUTE is Golden". There is a golden standard that follows silence in society. Silence can be the catalyst to any situation. Be it a positive situation or negative. This golden standard has paved the way for many social customs. 

( Pythagoreans celebrating the Sunrise. )

Greek philosopher Pythagoras had his students take a 5 year vow of silence before joining his society. During this vow, his students were told not to write records.

Not much is found from this society, what remains is worth it's weight in gold. 

( St. Ambrose studying. )

Before St. Ambrose, Romans read out loud and never enjoyed the virtues of silent reading. St. Ambrose left a significant impact on all of Ancient Greece. Reading rooms were necessary in Ancient Greece in order to isolate the voices of those reading out loud. 

St. Augustine of the 4th Century was amazed by the way St. Ambrose read silently. He was influenced by this new reading style and changed the way people read in all of Rome.

Because of the influence St. Ambrose left on Ancient Greece, we all follow a "mute" standard while reading. A silent standard we consider to be golden.

( King Midas & the golden touch. )

In Greek mythology, King Midas was approached by Dionysus, god of the life force. Dionysus granted King Midas with one wish. After a moment of silence, King Midas chose to have the ability to turn anything he touched into gold. 

King Midas wished for the "golden touch".

Everything he touched, turned to gold.

Upon this golden standard, we develop a sense of trust.

We place our trust in trains, we place our trust in cab drivers, we place our trust in metorologists, & we place our trust in the clothes we wear.

Tracing back to my roots in Spain, their flag inspired me. It still stands the test of time.

I wanted my logo to stand the test of time.

The layout of the flag is very simple. Its stripes make a bold statement. 

I adopted it's logic and inverted it.

- Gold = Victory

- Black = Resilience

- White = Tradition

The importance of gold in Ancient Greece is easily noted. Gold set the standard for trade and helped their cities flourish. 

- Physiological Effect: Yellow has proven to stimulate the brain. This stimulation can make you more alert and decisive. This color makes muscles more energetic and activates the lymph system.

- Psychological Effect: Similarly to Orange, Yellow is a happy and uplifting color. It can also be associated with intellectual thinking: discernment, memory, clear thinking, decision-making and good judgment. Also aiding organization, understanding of different points of view. Yellow builds self-confidence and encourages optimism.

Black was one of the most important colors used by Greek artists. It served a striking contrast against gold, clay and many forms of pottery. 


Besides being one of the first colors used by the Ancient Greeks, white was a fundamental color in their culture. White togas were worn by by Romans over the age of 14 for ceremonial purposes.

We are always encouraged to go for gold.

The initial idea for the color choice became clear when I saw a quote tagged in a tunnel: "Duct tape is Silver, but Silence is Golden".

( Ruins of the Parthenon & The Golden ratio. )

( The Golden Ratio found in art. )

- The Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da Vinci. The Birth of Venus, Sandro Botticelli.

The Golden Ratio can be found in geometry, nature, architecture and our biological makeup. Its discovery is credited to Pythagoras. It gave Ancient Greece life & is still relevant today. It is commonly referred to as the "fingerprint of God" or the "Divine Proportion".

During WW2, American strategy efforts doubled. Fort Knox became a training base for mechanized warfare. It also served as a depository. Rumor has it that it houses the largest Gold depository in the United States. 

Defend your Gold.

Our customers are influenced by four fields that give them a glimpse into different lifestyles they can relate to or follow. 

- Customers influenced by sports tend to have a "ready to play" style. Usually accompanied by athletic shoes or apparel.

- Consumers influenced by art follow a very unique unpredictable style that takes inspiration from various forms of art. 

- Individuals who are heavily influenced by the music industry follow the latest trends set by thier favorite musicians.

- Those who are influenced by film try to incorporate some sort of reference to their favorite films in their outfit. They are easily influenced by themes and visual references

People who follow any of these names follow 3 or more that are featured. The aim is to target consumers who follow these names and make up the "customer profile".

These names can serve as competitors, or partners if possible. 

A social media campaign will benefit the research which identifies the target market. This will satisfy consumers and serve as an excellent form of advertising. Consumers will indirectly let their friends know they are interested and gain something in return.  

First collection theme is as follows:  

WW2 started in early September, which marks the start of the Fall/Winter. The collection gives the viewer a sense of nostalgia, but does not cause nostalgia paralysis.


I am AnthonyLeo Quezada & I am 21 years old

I have a finite amount of resources, and an infinite imagination.

Mute is all of us. Anyone who knows that there just isn't enough freedom in the market. 

I began by making t-shirts for my friends and I. We represented the line as skate-wear. We wore the shirts and beat them up. This didn't settle very well with me since my designs were my artwork. 

I didn't want my friends and complete strangers to just sweat, bleed and toss what I took hours sketching up into the corner of messy bedroom. I wanted my work to be treated as if it had value. 

I accepted the fact that what I thought would be a successful skate line could be more. Different groups of people liked what I made and wanted to mold it into their lifestyles. By targeting skaters, I was missing out on the bigger picture. 

After realizing that a lot of people were catching on to Mute, I decided to step out of the skatepark and into the open world. I wanted to make something age groups ranging from 14 - 35 & up can wear. 

learned since the initial founding of Mute in 2007, that anyone who claims to have achieved success on his / her own, is a fraud.

In order to succeed, you need the support of others. An empire cannot be built without the hands that carry its bricks to build its walls, those who pave the roads, and those who spread word of its foundation

With that being said, if you are reading this, I thank you



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