MUSE :: Sept 14th, Brazil

MUSE  ::  Sept 14th, Brazil - student project


Finished Poster!

MUSE  ::  Sept 14th, Brazil - image 1 - student project


Statue & Texture

I just finished the statue and applied some texutre to it. I think it turned out pretty sweet! First time I have ever used texture like this before. I lost a lot of detail (as expected) when haltoning. So I am probably going to play with the levels a little more and try to bring some of it back.

MUSE  ::  Sept 14th, Brazil - image 2 - student project

MUSE  ::  Sept 14th, Brazil - image 3 - student project



Composition & Scale

I think I finally got my composition and scale down. Going to start working on the details, textures, and underwater elements next.

MUSE  ::  Sept 14th, Brazil - image 4 - student project


Final Sketch

The following sketch communicates a lot of the concepts of Muse's lyrics while using iconic Rio symbols. Below is a night time scene. MUSE type (amongst the the stars) that is a style similar to brazilian patterns.  Below is the sea with the Cristo Redentor statue struggling to stay above water. The statue is illuminated from underneath by light from the sunken city. 

I think some concepts people could take from this are: global warming and seas rising, the lights conveying the energy crisis MUSE refers to in their latest album, hope (as the statue is still afloat)?

MUSE  ::  Sept 14th, Brazil - image 5 - student project

Here are some styles Im using as inspiration:

MUSE  ::  Sept 14th, Brazil - image 6 - student project


Beginning Sketches

MUSE  ::  Sept 14th, Brazil - image 7 - student project


MUSE is one of my favorite bands, and arguably one of the greatest rock bands of our time. I am doing aposter for their show coming up this September in Brazil. 

Muse music deals with themes like: Energy crisis. Political control/lies. Freedom. Chaos. Rise up against tyranny. Change the decline. Unity.

Jake Reed
UI/UX Designer