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Name: Hermes Marticio

Email: [email protected]

Location: Washington D.C.

Brand Name: 'MURKA 

Slogan: still working on it.

Mission Statement:

'MURKA pronounced  [mer-i-kuh] is a brand that celebrates American culture. It's so easy to hate on America, Its all over the internet and different type of media. The president sucks, the government sucks, education system is poor, Wall Street is unstable, celebrities on drugs, athletes on steroids, you get the idea. America sucks. While all of these are debatable, there is one thing that inspired me to create this brand called 'Murka.

'Murka is an idea, not a product. 'Murka is an idea that what makes America special is our abundance in culture.

I believe that America (United States) is rich in culture. A subject that I want to explore designwise. I want to explore American culture and share my discoveries though art and design. I want to produce high quality products that are made in the U.S. to showcase local craftmanship and to help the local industry. 

I want to sell my idea -- through that, I hope you will enjoy my products because of what it stands for and not because my camo hoodie looks like SUPREME or BAPE. 

I will be adding more designs and revising this page whenever I get a chance. Apologies for the mess.

The Shirts below are not part of 'MURKA.

I personally illustrated and designed these (BELOW) to show my range -- the samples above are ideas, I can do more than TYPING shit on t shirt -- I am a pro illustrator / designer. As a designer, my designs have been sold to Macys, Nordstroms, Dr.Jays, Karmaloop, PacSun and other retailers. Thanks for taking the time to check out my desigs/illustrations. 


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