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Gavin G

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I did a little more work on these guys.  Since I am a fan of the Street Fighter games I removed the weapons.  From L to R we have an SE Asian guy who paints a skull on his face and fights using Silat, a Russian Spetznaz commando, the kid from Wu Dang and a Shaolin priest.  I am leaning towards 1 and 3 at the moment.

These are the two thumbnails I am going to develop for the time being.  The guy on the left looks like a bad guy or an assassin, sneaking in, a weapon in each hand.  The guy on the right is more noble and upright like a heroic Wu Tang swordsman from an old Shaw Brothers movie.  Since the old Shaw Brothers movies were a big influence on the Capcom design teams who worked on the Street Fighter series they feel appropriate.

I have always loved the designs of the characters in the 2D fighting games from companies like Capcom with the 'Street Fighter' franchise.  Mugen is an engine where you can pit characters from multiple games and companies against each other so I decided I wanted to design a 2D fighting game character.  Some have weapons, some are unarmed.  I already have a preference for a couple of the thumbnails here (not sure I selected the right brush but it does for silhouettes.)  I might redo some of these but I am off the mark anyway!


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