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MTRLS. is our very own ode to modern day society’s take on uniformity. We like to call it “Controlled Exceptionalism”. We make great pieces with unique materials, hence the name. Expressing our beliefs through a unique modernist approach with a blend of urban/street culture. We’re all about being innovative, comfortable and more than just your neighborhood street wear brand; we’re a COMMUNITY.

Slogan -"Built on the Provision of the Unexampled and Unfamiliar."

Location - BCD/MNL, Philippines.

Story - It was a local abbreviation we used for "Materials" way back in the day. Amongst all the words I thought up during my process. I concluded this was one of the many that caught most people's attention. As I was getting their take or top 3 choices of words I wanted to use for my brand. It speaks my mind on what I want to do with things and it goes back to the root and the source of every object; Mainly, it always comes down to the materials we use and the materials we create.

Name - "MTRLS." - Abbreviated from the word "Materials".

Mission Statement - Built on the provision of the unexampled and unfamiliar. To provide unique yet unexampled collections for the non-cookie cutter/ non-conformists.

Logo - Here we have some of our earliest drafts of the MTRLS. logo. It was inspired the Persian RialAdjusted and modified to meet the means, look and aesthetic that I had in mind for the brand.

STEP 1 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

STEP 2  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

FINAL LOGO _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Website - - The webpage welcomes you with a hugantic white version of the logo. We started our posts with the birthing process into making the brand itself and in addition to add our personal philosphies along the way, one thread at a time.




CONSUMER TARGET MARKET - Plus checking how the Brand Name and Logo copes with the competition.



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