MONA gig poster - March 10 1884 Lounge, Memphis, Tennessee

Hey y'all,

I'm not sure how legible my 'chicken-scratch' handwriting is to some...

[Both ideas use the concept of altering the idea of a beehive.]

  • On the top:

The beehive would be hanging in a tree, or forest setting, as bees exit the hive.  As the bees rotate around the hive, they transform into different types of airplanes.

  • On the bottom:

The beehive now seconds as an antique spinning top, where the bees exit from the hive/spinning top.  The string that would have spun the top would now flow into the typeface for the band spelling out 'MONA.' (I'm not sure if I will be successful at the string/lettering idea, or if that is even needed?)

Thank y'all for all the input/suggestions/etc.



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