MOGRT LowerThird Arnav

MOGRT LowerThird Arnav - student project

First off, this class was challenging, and I love it. I have had experience working with code, but this was the first time I was implementing it within After Effects, and it was just awesome. I want to keep exploring, and coding, and creating new things.

I did have a few troubles along the way that are still visible, but I hope to figure them out soon. 


MOGRT LowerThird Arnav - image 1 - student project


The main problem I am having in this is the blue line is driven by expressions, Because of this, I am not able to Ease anything, and it looks rough. I wanted to make the line smooth, but making it responsive and Easing it was a bit tricky.

I also show here the 2 different templates, to showcase the responsiveness of the template. 




MOGRT LowerThird Arnav - image 2 - student project

using the source rectatTime. I went to calculate the value I needed by creating a calculation for the percentage of the box that I wanted to be drawn. shown by the final stop Variable. change variable tells me how many frames I want the animation to last, in this case,17. From then I created a time to frame variable that takes the current frame number and I minus 13 because I wanted it to start on the 13th frame. Then using if loops, I would one step at a time add the change value till I reached my final value, and it would stay at that value, till the second if statement which decreases the changes the value back to my starting point for another 17 frames.


ps. Any tips or ideas please let me know in the comments.