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Whatupdoe?! My name is Antwoine Washington and my brand name is Mocha Soul located in the Midwest Pontiac, MI to be exact. As a growing "Artist" I just had to be apart of this awesome experience and learning from Marc Ecko one of the great minds of the Art & Business world of our time. Especially after reading most of his candid book Unlabel this class is perfect for me to continue to structure and form my "Personal Brand" (ME)  and my "Business Brand" (Art & Clothing).


Here is a brief story about my guts to skin brand. Growing up as a kid I would watch Saturday morninig cartoons and would sketch pictures of my favorite characters each morning until I literally memorized how to draw each one. I drew so much I would get in trouble in school for not paying attention and my mom would come to the school and literally my desk would be full of drawings of cartoon characters and random sketches. Needless to say she still has most of my drawings from Elementary school still to this day. In Junior High I won 1st place in our school district Art show for a drawing I did in class for an Art assignment which was unexpected, because I didn't even know my teacher entered me in a contest so that was a pretty cool suprise. In Highschool I was one of the best artist in my school and my friends would always say dude you should go to college for Art, but I was an athlete and instead wanted to play college basketball. I did go to college for basketball and I decided to major in Fine Art. While in college I won a few art shows, and every show I entered I was forced to enter with the help of my professors. I never was thought that I was really that good to be honest so I was really shy when I displayed my work. I was afraid of what I thought people would say and how they would judge my work. Suprisingly I always placed or won the grand prize of the art show so that helped me build confidence in my art work. However, that wasn't enough I still had a itch to scratch with clothing so I came up with the idea of building my own clothing brand to help me display more of my art to the world. So I came up with the name Mocha Soul, which the idea stemed from me wanting to create my own imaginary art museum so to speak with in my clothing brand.

(Here is a mini collage of work)


What is Mocha Soul?

Mocha Soul is a creative social movement of expression. (Nothing to do with skin color) and everything to do with ART.

The word M.O.C.H.A is our acronym for Museum Of Creative Human Art we use MOCHA for short. The word Mocha meaning a social blend and the word Soul meaning the intellect behind every expression. 

Types of Expressions: ART, Politics, Words, Dreams, Beliefs, Clothes, Poetry, Short Stories, Videos, Love, Etc.

(Here are few items from my clothing brand that I am building on)


We chose the Skunk because of the name of our brand. People associate names a lot of times with what a company represents or the demographic of a company. However, we thought the skunk would be perfect for the movement, because of the irony of hesitation that people get when they see a skunk. We knew different walks of life would look at the name and think this brand is for a certain group of people and become hesitant about supporting. Think about it for a second, what is the first thing you do when you see a skunk? My point exactly. The skunk will touch on all issues and will be the one mainly communicating with our audience in a creative way. The Skunk represents the lost and the forgotten. The one who felt they didn’t have anything to offer besides what folks thought they knew.  There’s so much to what meets the eye and they’re the overcomers in the end. Essentially the skunk represent YOU. 

Our Brand Slogan

 "Live Your Dreams" We chose this slogan because deep down every person essentially want to either start something or create something to share with the universe. However, money, confidence, lack of support, or many other factors play a part in the process of doing what you love. Therefore, we decided to tell people why wait go for it and "Live Your Dreams" we all have to start from somewhere right? So this leads to the inspiration of my business commandment.



What I got from this song was that it was a statement song for Big Sean and Kendrick because they both essentially was saying the same thing with Kendrick just taking a more direct approach. Which in my opinion was genius, and we as consumers of Hip Hop love to see rappers boast and brag about who is the best and go as far as to even challege the so called best in the game. 

However, from a buisness stand point BIG SEAN'S line spoke to me in a very motivational way. The first half of the line say's "TRYING TO BE BETTER THAN EVERY BODY" and what I took from it and how I applied it to my business structure was simple. First, you have to work harder than your competition and in order to become better than your competitors. I believe the Malcom Gladwell's 10,000 hour expert theory you have to put in the work to get the results, and by putting in the work you will find what seperates you from your competitors and in that you will find your "niche". I read a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King that also stated "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase".  What this spoke to me was take ACTION! put the work in that's the first step to becoming better.  Another thing is that he set a goal for himself to be the best. That brings me to another point, you have to set goals for yourself and for your company as well. It is always room for improvement in the quest for perfecting your craft or product that you want to share with the world.

The second half of SEAN'S line say's  "THAT'S BETTER THAN EVERYBODY" meaning who the fans and critics of the game consider the best he aspires to take the rap crown from them as well to be considered the best in the game. From a business stand point what this said to me was step on your competitions neck out work everybody until you grasp the attention of the market that you are in, and then you will eventually become better than your competitors in your market but in your own way. Therefore, by accomplishing this goal you will go down in history as one of the best to do it. This business commandment can be used to light the spark of your business, it is a reminder to never slack, have faith and out work everybody to become the best.


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