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MN Pro Paintball

I currently work as a Marketing Manager at an entertaiment facility in Minnesota called MN Pro Paintball

Located in the Twin Cities metro area, the company features a state-of-the art park and retail store. There are multiple "experiences" for participants including paintball, airsoft, laser tag, and splatmaster. 

The company has been growing year over year and has big goals for expansion in the near future. 

Here is my attempt at category, competitive and consumer insights:

When performing category research I looked primarily at how and where customers were searching for local businesses. 

1. Information consumption by community type - According to Pew Internet, urban residents use a wide variety of platforms to gather information about local businesses and activities. Most notably internet searches, twitter, and blogs. Suburban residents use local radio and internet searches. Small town residents use more traditional sources such as television and local newspapers. From google trends, the top cities searching for paintball are Burnsville, St. Cloud, Osseo, Minneapolis and Duluth. 

2. For paintball nationwide - Weekly - Searches spike on Saturdays. Monthly - Searches spike during the months of April and October. Yearly - There has been a decline in paintball searches since April 2004. Since October 2012 though the search index has been fairly steady. Although paintball searches dramatically declined, searches for airsoft and laser tag have seen only marginal changes due to seasons, overall have been steady. 

3. Texas, Florida and California are the states with the highest search index for paintball - these are the states with the most temperate climate. Within these states the top cities are Houston, Miami and San Diego. 

4. According to Google Insights - Males aged 18 - 34 spend more time online than watching television. While on the internet they use a search engine (82%) or watch an online video (77%). Young males use search twice as much as the rest of the population, and half discover new products in the process. 

5. Within Minnesota, paintball regional interest is as follows - Rochester, Duluth, La Crosse, Fargo, Sioux Falls, MSP. Airsoft regional interest - La Crosse, Duluth, Rochester, MSP, Sioux Falls, Fargo. Laser Tag regional interest - MSP is the only region with enough search data. Not enough search data on Splatmaster. 



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