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Toben Lewis

Designer/maker, lives and works on a tiny island



MLP notebook

So I made a coptic stitch book for my friends birthday, and decided to make a perfect bound one for his son's. This kid is an eleven year old free range hippy-child and committed brony. He's an awesome little person, and deserves and awesome little book.

I really wanted this to have a wrap-around cover, so I did some research (and some guess-and-testing along with swearing) and made the whole thing hard cover. I will probably stick with the binding Caleb shows in future books, but for this one it needed to be full wrap.


I found a MLP poster on ebay for a couple quid, and then found out from his mom which pony was his favourite. He has two, and fortunately they were close to each other on the poster so I was able to get one on the front (DJ Pon3) and one on the back (Rainbow Dash). And I now know more about My Little Ponies than I ever wanted to.


I used a coordinating blue paper for the interior textblock, and other parts of the poster for the endpapers.



I learned a lot doing this project, including what not to do. I can see all the mistakes made in it but hopefully the boy-wonder will be too wide eyed with brony joy to notice.


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