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Audio Engineer/AV Tech




I'm very excited to say, that my class has 30 students and climbing! It leads me to believe that there is a need for a free resource such as this. For the future, I am going to use Megan's recomendation to engage the students and get projects posted. So far none have shown up, so I am emailing my students and leading them through step by step instructions for loading their class. A mini class if you will! Things are going great and I am planning my next skillshare class as well!


Day 3, After my facebook ad I have two more student equaling 18 so far. This is great news! I am now going to post the same picture I use to promote my class, but with an added "FREE CLASS" banner. So it's on to Photoshop to add the banner.


I also placed this banner on my Skillshare Intro Video pic.


And then uploaded the photo onto Facebook yet again, with an exciting urgent message letting people know that there are only 7 seats left. I also felt that I needed to let people know that this was an online class that they could do from home. There was some confusion with a few people.


Alright, Day 2 and I am up to 13 students! This is from contacting alumni and people in my own circle of influence. Now I am posting to twitter and email contacts via Skillshare, and paid Facebook $1.00 to reach out to 800-2000 people online. We shall see what happens eh...


OK, Day 1 and so the first two days after publishing and I have 9 students. This is solely from facebook marketing. I am updating the number of free seats available and tagging friends who are specifically involed in my line of work, and it seems to be working out. I have also sent an email to my college professors giving them a chance to offer this class to their students and maybe even keep it as a free class for my alumni. I want to get this class in their hands and get them excited to start mixing!

I am thinking of an email blast, but I don't want to sound salesy....is that a word? Anyways, I am hoping that this challenge will guide me to topping the 25 mark!

Here is an example of my Facebook strategy. I think Twitter and Insta are next.



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