Daniel Lane

Audio Engineer/AV Tech




I tried to think of what would be a great first class. In my experience, there have been so many people who ask how to mix or record for Hip Hop music, but either the youtube videos are not geared for Hip Hop or they give really bad advice. I would like to take the fundementals I have learned in college and out in the workforce, and share them with anyone who wants to improve.

I am thinking of also doing some classes on setting up a home studio, diy projects and live sound tech advice and pro tips.

Well, it is now time to unveil the first class in the series! Mixing Bootcamp series one can be found here!

I had a rough time, MAKING TIME, but once I got the ball rollling, I really enjoyed the process. My next step is a marketing blitz to get my first 25 students! HERE WE GO!


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