MIX CPH - student project

I chose the MIX Copenhagen LGBT Film Festival as my event.

When the festival began, the posters were more literal; the designs incorporated the film material.

MIX CPH - image 1 - student project









In recent years, the posters have become more abstract. 

MIX CPH - image 2 - student project








I wanted to make a poster that dealt more with the idea of film in someway, but to continue with the more abstract interpretation as of late. I decided to play with the motif of a glitching screen. I created a design based on a deconstructed glitched screen:

MIX CPH - image 3 - student project


MIX CPH - image 4 - student project














MIX CPH - image 5 - student project

An earlier iteration of the poster is pictured below. It was difficult for me to choose which version I prefer.

MIX CPH - image 6 - student project

Then I got so into it, I designed tickets. I am thinking of doing an entire package of materials for this event for my portfolio...

MIX CPH - image 7 - student project