MIME - student project

took me a while to find a design that stuck.

i will continue to develop this further-- the main thrill of this idea is the direct color differentition between what is hit by the spotlight and what is outside of it. i haven't represented this yet, and i also plan to work on shadows and curtain fold texture (if that isn't too much). i'll be adding feet as well.

i struggle with people so if any of this could be modified to be stronger (particularly the arms which are looking a bit freaky), please do let me know! i'll continue working on it and update as i go.


THIRD ITERATION: looking at it, there may be too much contrast between dark and light. perrier bottle is too bright. mime's leg blends into curtain pattern. any other suggestions? i modified arms/hands according to suggestions below..

MIME - image 1 - student project


MIME - image 2 - student project


MIME - image 3 - student project