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MG, Part 2

5 companies I think i might be interested in working for:  (the closest one is about 3 hours away, by the way)

-  Banff Film Festival

-  Mountain Hardware (or similar athletic/outdoor apparel company) 

-  MacGillivray Freeman Films

-  Discovery Channel

Titles of people who'd hire me:

- Producer, Creative Director, Casting Director, Talent Aquisition, Executive Director

5 People Who Have the Job I Want:

1.  My friend Laura who is an execuitve assistant to an international non-profit so she gets to travel the world.  Plus she totally loves it and it's a great cause.  And she actually makes good money, too.

2.  The folks at Mtn Hardware (etc) who produce the catalog's photo-shoots around the world and porbably get to do doing crazy fun stuff in the process

3.  Jane Goodall?  She's pretty cool.

4.  and 5.  ....uh... Is it bad that I am having trouble with this?

Tactics I'll try:

1.  Attend/go to Meet-ups

2.  go to coworking spaces (although, only on the weekends to do job does that negate it's usefullness?  I can't go during the week due to my current 9-5.)

3.  organize mutually beneficial interviews

4.  update linked-in profile with keywords, try to use twitter.


I'm struggling with the fact that I don't feel knowledgeable on anything in particular...or rather, what I'm knowledgeable in bores me to tears.  Which is why I'm trying to update my resume, etc.  I just feel a little stuck on some of the tips (like developing an authority/niche, creating quality content on blogs/twitter, even mutually-beneficial interviews) because I want to move far and away from the things that I could actually contribute to.

Does that make sense?

By way of background:  I'm the Director of Talent (essentially a Talent Agent) at a modeling and talent agency in Philadelphia.  Sounds much cooler than it is...basically all I do is email people, call people, and make sure people are where they're supposed to be.  It's a lot of handholding and busy work.  



Who Would Play me in a move:

  -  Rachel McAdams, maybe?

  -  Kate Hudson?

Person I would most like to be:

  -  Gwen Stefani

5 things I'm most excited about:

  -  Traveling

  -  Dogs

  -  Beer (IPA's)

  -  doing stuff/activiites - biking, rollerblading, skiing

  -  girly-girl stuff like make-up, products

  -  making lists and crossing things off; efficiency

  -  true crime / ID channel

  -  chance, syncronicity of things

  - mountains

Personal Postioning Statement:

um. ??



A Little Story About Me:

My parents met while traveling around the world on a small 50 passenger ship; so you could say traveling is in my blood.  I'm impulsive and will travel places and do things impulsively, but I'm also very commited to my responsibilities and will stick things out until they're completed - I'm very Type A in that regard.  I'm goofy, I love to have fun and laugh, and approach life with a healthy dose of syncronicity. 

5 things that make Gwen Stephanie an awesome brand:

- She's marketed herself in a lot of different ways:  the bad ass, the sexy woman, the girly girl, the tough bithcy, the strong, independent woman.  All of these things make her intriuiging to her fans, and sets her apart from any other artist and this leads to a strong, loyal following.

-  She's unique and not afraid to take chances: singing style, fashion

- She's driven and she's not available to fail (ie, Lamb fashion)

- She's sexy


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