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Hello folks.

This project is for me and 3 others that I ride motorcyles with. The name of the group we came up with is MESS. Because we are a MESS - due to the fact that we all ride different styles of bikes.

We've all agreed we don't like the standard motorcycle logos you always see with either a skull, wings, skull with wings, skull and wings, tires, wrenches, engines, or even a bike itself. But we do like the idea of having some sort of symbol tied in there. 

I even made one with a skull that wasn't too cliche but still - It just isn't there... Not orignal enough in my opinion.

First attempt:

So I came up with the idea of of combining the illuminati (secret society) pyramid eye with a skull. (Crazy... I know...) The below was a finished concept and i'm just not happy with it. 

Second attempt:

I feel it's time to go back to the drawing board - hence why i'm here. I started looking into hiring someone to see my vision through but decided against it thinking I might not get what I want and don't want to spend too much money. So I got an email from skillshare about this class and signed right up.

Here are some sketches of where I would like to go. I'm envisioning simplifying the pyramid eye so much that it's barely recognizable as the secret society eye. I also want to work on emphasizing typography this time. I want to combine the words: MESS, BIKES, BROOKLYN, EST 2010. It's where we're from and it's when the name started.

Sketches of where I would like to go:

I'm thinking something less serious and more cartoony. Or combing both moods. I want it to convey that we are a MESS in some subtle way. I think that's what the tilted eye in the triangle does. For some reason I'm obsessed with the eye in the triangle.

I'm still gathering a mood board to draw inspiration from but wanted to hammer out some crude sketches to get this project going.

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Even if you think i'm insane and want to tell that to me - go right ahead!!! It's all for the love and journey of good logo design.

Speak soon.

Update - 10/02/13

Here is my mood board / inspiration:

Update - 10/03/13

Today I was able to bring one of my sketches to life in Illustrator. After watching two and a half of Evan's videos I realized I was lacking a few skills in the program. I mean I have the skills but he showed me ways of getting there quicker. 

Anyway - I used a free demo font called Hand Shop Typography C30 and picked it apart to create the letters on top of the pyramid eye. I also used it for the word Brooklyn but didn't make as many alterations as I did for the the top type. I would consider the top type custom at this point. For the EST 2010 I used trade gothic bold condensed and then rounded the corners giving it that custom stamped feel. I did a variation with a crest around it. (Inspiration from Evan's logo and my moodboard). I'm not sure I like the outcome of these 100% yet. I might want to give this sketch another round with a much cleaner font that's al lot easier to manipulate. But I'm happy I got this far and what a big difference from the inital older logos I did...

Here is the sketch and vector logos:

Update - 10/04/13

Rather than diving into some of the more wacky and cartoony sketches I have. I decided to do something more pratical in a circular fashion. I was highly inspired from a logo with a ribbon that I found in Evan's recommended logo resource. I kind of stole the ribbon but made the rest all original. Hey - it's just a ribbon... The font I used is one of my favs called Clarendon.

Anyway, here is my sketch and final logo:

Another update for today.

I watched the texture video and got a little crazy with this particular logo. I also 3D'd the pyramid and tweaked the lightning bolts slighty. The left has no texture - the right is textured out:

Another textured version:

Update - 10/5/2013

I created a vector logo based off this sketch and added texture to the first logo I creaeted with the crest.

Quick Update - 10/9/2013

I did a simplified version more aligned with the initial sketch fo the teeth logo. I'm officially done with the overdone wacky ones and I'm going back to my original simplstic ideas with more emphasis on typography.


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