'MENTO - student project

'MENTO - image 1 - student project

'MENTO - image 2 - student project

'MENTO - image 3 - student project

'MENTO - image 4 - student project

'MENTO - image 5 - student project

'MENTO - image 6 - student project

'MENTO - image 7 - student project

                                   *Click here for my basic prototype using InVision*

'MENTO - image 8 - student project


Personal note:

Thanks for checking out my project! I had sat on the idea -- an app that trades in idea-sharing -- for a little too long when I stumbled upon this course. So, I thought, why not build a portion of it out? Though I've worked in UX for a couple of years now, I'd never approached a true mobile app design. I tried to leverage my past experience where reasonable, though. And, since there was no easy access to Flinto for me, it's also a relatively 'creative' use of tools here. Still my intent was to complete the project in earnest while continuing to test the idea. Looking forward to any and all constructive feedback!

- Paanii

Tools used:

Axure - diagrams, documentation & mockups

FontAwesome (library) - icons & logo work

Adobe Illustrator - logo work

InVision - basic prototype