I manage and market this artist Mega so I did my project based on him                                                     


                                                                   MEGA'S FAN BASE


Mostly males 18-24 years old

They are college students or are young adults just starting out in life. Their interest are hip hop music and humor. They live in Oakland, CA and the surrounding Bay Area.



                                                                  CAREER PROGRESSION

LEGACY PERFORMER                                                                        TUPAC

MAJOR                                                                                                    KENDRICK LAMAR

INDIE MUSICIAN                                                                                  HIEROGLYPHICS

EMERGING ACT                                                                                   IAMSU

DIY ARTIST                                                                                           J.STALIN

HOBBYIST                                                                                             STEVIE JOE

                                                                           MEGA’S BIO

•The Bay Area, California has always been known for creativity and innovation. The city of Oakland has always played its part in that with its rich musical history. Adding  to that rich history is up and coming artist Mega. Mega is doing his part in keeping that legacy alive with his diverse flow and introspective street lyrics. He was born Josh Horn in Oakland, CA. Growing up as the middle child he always felt it was hard. He did well in school especially English and had a passion for basketball. Mega was an excellent athlete but bouts with pneumonia and finally a hip injury ended his basketball dreams. Mega turned to his other love music. “I always loved music and listened to music” says Mega. “After I couldn’t play basketball anymore if it wasn’t for music I don’t know where I’d be or what I would have done”. Influenced by the Bay Area rap scene as well as other artist Mega took something form each of them and developed his own style. “Growing up in Oakland I loved listening to Keak Da Sneak; J.Stalin; and Tupac but I also love Biggie and Nibble Deep.” He started rapping at 15 but really was inspired to get serious when his brother told him he had true talent. At the encouragement of his brother, Mega started focusing on music and decided to give it 100%. He released his first mixtape “The Commission” in June of 2012.   He made his public debut as 1 of 3 emcees chosen out of 50 in TeamBackPacks cypher in November that same year.  Currently Mega is finishing his second mixtape and beginning to perform throughout the city. Mega is doing what he was born to do and  after hearing him you will agree.
                                                                       MEGA’S MUSIC
•You can download Mega’s mixtape “The Commission” at
•Follow on Twitter @MegatronTheReal





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