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Hello everyone! I'm Alex and I'm going to show you projects that I've already started.
At first nice to meet all of you, good to know there are other people in the world having some great ideas in their heads :)

I'm a fashion photography lover and I'm going to become a freelance photographer in the future, but for now I'm learning a lot and trying to focus on things that inspire me. So that about one month ago I made a decision to start blogging about this inpirations, cause I thought maybe those things will inspire someone else, so it's worth to share! 

First platform I found interesting was TUMBLR, so I set an account there and everyday I spent some time to post new amazing photos on that blog.
Here you can see it:

I liked it. But there were some things that I didn't like for example only 10 photos in one post. Sometimes when I'm writing about some trends or collections, there is much more than 10 pics that's why I thought I need another platform and after reading lots of reviews I decided on Wordpress.
I started two weeks ago.
Here's link for that site:

So this is my second blog.
It looks quite simple at the moment but I'm trying to make it better everyday.
And I know there's still a lot of things I need to learn (this classes surely are going to help me with some of them : )
Anyway,  I'm going to run both sites cause I think I can put single photos on tumblr as a teasers with link for whole posts at wordpress. Soon beside inspirations I'm going to start posting my own photo shoots too, so it can be a good way to show them to bigger audience.
Wonder what do you think about that?

Keep my fingers crossed for your projects! :)


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