MDC Monogram

MDC Monogram - student project


Started off with the Sketch first, really rough as you can see focused on the concept on mashing 3 letters together in this 3 letter monogram.



MDC Monogram - image 1 - student project



Built shapes out first in greyscale not focusing on colour yet.


MDC Monogram - image 2 - student project


Played with colour and making be as legible as possible using the right cuts in the shapes to give it white space.

MDC Monogram - image 3 - student project




I went for my brand colours to keep it consistent and I like things that are bold.

It works well with a monogram so that you can read it clearer.



I did a reverse version of it so I can use it for multiple applications.

MDC Monogram - image 4 - student project

MDC Monogram - image 5 - student project

Jeremy Mura
Graphic & Brand Identity Designer
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