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Lee Brogden

MBA Hack for social entrepreneurs



MBA Hack for Social Entrepreneurs

There are many challenges facing us today and as the population continues it's rapid growth, the need to address them becomes increasingly urgent. 

Governments and corporations have proved to be ineffective in addressing these challenges and instead are often major contributors.

So who is going to address them?

There are a growing number of smart young people who are wanting to make a difference. My simple desire is to help them turn their ideas for making the world a better place into reality.

I intend to do this by creating a web site that distills down the best information and teaching from around the world into easily accessible chunks so they can access and apply best practices to all the stages from idea to launch to growth. These ideas will be spread through videos, templates, and links to resources.

The intention is to build a community where a manageable series of resources, ideas and people are available to those who are engaged in projects principally to make a difference. It will be a community that is encoaurged to work collaboratively, to share openly and to use it's combined energy to attract to it the top people who will be excited to personally mentor those with the biggest, most impacting ideas.

This project is in it's third month and each day I work on it, I get more excited about the possibilties.

If you'd like to help, find me on Facebook. Thanks, Lee Brogden.


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