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The "How To Gal" ✌

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[MARKETING UPDATE] Holiday Cooking: Easy Homemade Honey Garlic Yeast Rolls - YUM!

These melt-in-your-mouth rolls are so easy and delicious, you'll never want store-bought again! If you've been afraid to try making homemade bread products with yeast, you will be amazed at how simple these are. And they are PERFECT for the holidays or special dinners, too ;) I hope you join me.



Be on the lookout tomorrow - I am launching my Smoky Bacon-Wrapped Herb Turkey Breast course!



This time of the year is EXPENSIVE. While doing my Christmas shopping, I have:

  • Spent $300 at Kohls, and save $581 on that order. Also got $85 back.
  • Bought an $800 laptop for $660 TOTAL - that INCLUDED an extended 2 year warranty that includes accident protection.
  • Bought a TV that is currently on sale for $650 - for $400.
  • Am receiving a couple hundred back - IN CASH - in February (so far)

So, I thought others may like to know how I did it.

Best part? I do this ALL year and am constantly finding AMAZING deals AND getting cash back on anything from groceries each week to clothes, electronics, and more.



If you aren't ready to upgrade, there are a few free enrollments available. HOWEVER, if you take advantage of this, please at least do a project as thanks, ok? If that sounds good to you, here you go:


Here is an example:


Join me here!


The beginning courses of the "Covert Marketing Series" is LIVE! {{finally!!!}}

  • Are you struggling to get traffic and students to your courses or other projects online?
  • Are you having problems getting your first 25, or maybe enrollments don't go much past that?
  • Does it seem that everyone else knows "THE SECRET" to succeeding that you don't?
  • Do you feel like an excellent opportunity is passing you by?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then the Covert Marketing Techniques series is for you!

See what others are saying:

      - "I took the course last night, reviewed it and already received some interesting Intelligence in my inbox this morning!" - Jason Tremer

  - "I've been using alerts for a long time but never like this. Fantastic idea Mel!" -  Steve Dougherty

  - "A useful traffic tip. Thanks Mel. :-) " - Neil & Linda Shearing

Here are the courses so far: (Premium members click these)

  1. Covert Marketing Technique #1 - Driving Traffic With Google 
  2. Covert Marketing Technique #2 - Driving Traffic With Quora (3 Separate & AWESOME Ways!!) 
  3. Covert Marketing Technique #3 - Create Auto-Updating Spreadsheets of ANY Twitter Tweets You Wish! ☚


  • #4 - Automatically Drive Traffic on Twitter w/ IFTTT
  • #5 - Pump Up Your Profile & More to Get Noticed on Skillshare
  • #6 - How to Use Facebook Effectively to Get New Enrollments

If you are a free member still, I DO have some enrollments available. If you want these classes but aren't ready to upgrade, will you do a project to say "thanks"? I'd really appreciate it!

  1. Driving Traffic w/ Google FREE enrollment link:
  2. Driving Traffic w/ Quora FREE enrollment link:
  3. Auto-Updating Twitter Spreadsheets FREE enrollment link:

See you on the inside!


Ok, have had some bumps in the road BUT - finally got my 3rd class released and it is a bit off the beaten path from my first 2. This one will help ANYONE online so it is a big difference from Potato Salad Pepsi Chicken ;)

The class is all about getting kick-butt, high resolution, stunning images that you can use in ANY project, online OR offline, without asking permission, giving attribution OR paying ANY money!

These aren't the same sites found on lists everywhere that only have a couple hundred sub-par images. Between these 7 you will find MILLIONS of high quality/high resolution, artistic images by professionals who know how to convey beauty through the eye of their lens! 

PREMIUM: ===>>
FREE: ===>>>

This class is called "7 Little-Known Sites to Get Royalty-Free Stock Images for Your Skillshare Classes & More - FOR FREE!", and was published between 9-10 last night EST, so has been live a little over 12 hours - and it is almost trending already! I am so excited that it is only 2 students away from 25. I'm really glad I veered away from my recipe plans for the moment!

If you need images for ANYTHING, please enroll, check it out, and don't forget to leave a review and start your project - which is just picking out a great image from one of the sites and sharing it with us.

Besides that, I revamped my first 2 classes so that from here on out, my cooking videos are "branded" and can easily be recognized as mine, however I am thinking I am not going to brand the other business-oriented classes the same, although I am not sure...

Thank you so much for reading and I hope your classes are going GREAT!!

Upcoming classes (feel free to let me know if there is one you REALLY want):

  • Feed 2 People, 3 Meals/Day, for 7 Days, for Only $50 - PLUS Desserts!
  • How to Earn Money by Drinking Beer, Grilling Out, Making Football Snacks & More - Every Week!
  • 25+ Facebook Groups to Market Your Skillshare and Other Online Courses To
  • Streamline Your Skillshare Course Creation - Spreadsheets & Calendars Included
  • ABCs of Cooking - All About Apples


I officially released my 2nd course here just a couple days ago - "Weird Recipes: Pepsi Chicken (You Know You're Curious!" I haven't promoted it near as heavily as my first course and I am only 2 away from getting it trending, which is very exciting!!! Thank you to the 23 who have signed up, and if you haven't and want to freak people out with a crazy (but crazy GOOD!) recipe for dinner, you can here:


FREE (while they last!)===>>


"Cooking Basics: How to Make Your Own EPIC Potato Salad", my first course, is doing well (at least I think so;) - it has 92 students w/ 17 positive reviews (100%), is #3 in Recipe Design, #8 in Cooking, #11 in Cooking and #12 in Culinary! I want to thank everyone who has signed up so far, and if you haven't and want to check it out, you can:


FREE (only a handful left)===>>



Cooking Basics: How to Make Your Own EPIC Potato Salad", which was supposed to be for the August challenge, had a late start and while it should have been completed on time, at midnight on the 31st I was fixing a video error for the class instead of making it live. GRRRRR!

So, it went live exactly 7 days ago tonight. I was REALLY hoping to hit 100 within the first 7 days...and it is SO close! Not sure it's going to happen, but that's ok. This week has been a lot of fun and I have learned a LOT - and am really far behind on all of the classes from all of you I am enrolled in - but I am doing a couple a day and trying to do projects in all of those I's a work in progress;)

Anyway, I have posted on Facebook, taken advantage of the wonderful Skillshare groups from the Shearings, posted on Twitter and Pinterest, and got a few sign-ups from friends.

Here are the stats: (views/enrollments)

  • Friday 09/09 - 53 / 9 (so far - hoping this goes up!)
  • Thursday 09/08 - 36 / 7
  • Wednesday 09/07 - 36 / 12
  • Tuesday 09/06 - 41 / 12
  • Monday 09/05 - 19 / 8
  • Sunday 09/04 - 55 / 11
  • Saturday 09/03 - 106 / 19

I have created 2 different free enrollment links for tracking purposes:

General - 5/25 Enrollments left

(If you are a free member & would like to enroll here ya go:

Family & Friends - 16/25 Enrollments left

So, I have 29 FREE enrollments out of the 78 total.


I haven't found much interaction in the way of bringing new people to the group, and other than the 9 friends, I believe all of the free enrollments were from here and possibly Neil's group. I have a little less than 200 followers on one Twitter account but over 5000 on another, as well as my personal Facebook friends, over 1000 on the Yummy page, and over 3000 followers on Pinterest...OUCH! Little disappointed there. LOL

I am wondering if this is good, bad, about normal, or...? I haven't seen many people post their stats and none this complete, so I am hoping some who have been here a while can chime in, and maybe this post will help some of us new to the me!

On another note, I was advised to hold off posting other classes until I got this one going, but I have many in the works and one almost complete. I think I am probably going to go ahead and start posting them and see what happens - I was trying to wait either 7 days or until I got 100 enrollments...and the former is almost up. Any thoughts on this would also be appreciated.

Thank you for looking and I hope all of your September courses have been doing well!!!



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