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I'm Kat from Long Beach, CA.

I'm an entrepreneur, a new mom, small business owner, and shopkeeper of a retail store that houses 2 seperate brands. In other words, I'm a hot mess. I juggle 2 brands and a shit load of social media. I have a 5 month old, so finding time to "blog" is tough. But I need to be blogging in order to keep up with my social media presence.

I started a tumbler a year ago for my store. It has the appearence of a website. It works for now until I can get my actual store website up and running. Its landing page in essence is the blog. The problem is...the content on the blog is the same content automatically uploaded and linked to my Facebook/Instagram Posts. I have yet to start "blogging" actual posts and dont know where to start.

I joined the class to learn how to "blog." How to organize and manage content, while keeping it fresh and appealing to my readers. But strategize it in a way that I can realistically manage as my time is scarce. I spend most of my time posting on Instagram/Facebook for both brands. I wonder, is my social media strategy prioritized all wrong?

I also joined this class to gain some confidance in using twitter by itself. I hestitate to post text only for the fear of sounding lame and boring. My goal is to learn tips and technics on how to post creative content on Twitter to engage with my followers and those I'm following.

Social Media is a driving force for my business, so its time I get on the blogging train.

Business Tumblr:

Personal Twitter: @kat_engel


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