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MAJOR! Label, LLC is a Design and Entrepreneurial Development firm based in Los Angeles California.

We develop innovative designs, concepts, advertising and marketing strategy for our own projects as well as for other individuals and organizations. We specialize in apparel and accessories, but our body of work also encompasses art, film, music, special events and other products and services. 

MAJOR! also serves as an Entrepreneurial Development firm. We seek out interesting and fun businesses and individuals with whom we can collaborate on various business ventures. We develop projects with a variety of businesses, create marketing strategy, and help to launch and promote the project. We create a revenue sharing agreement for each deal. Our strategy is designed to boost the business of each entity with whom we collaborate while being mutually beneficial for us.

MAJOR! first "major" project is a line of athletic inspired fashionwear. This includes various jerseys, tank tops, shirts, sweats (hoodies, shorts, pants, boyshorts, etc) and more.

MAJOR! is dedicated to bringing fun, innovative and awe inspiring projects to the world. Are you ready for us?

MAJOR!, "Make It Happen" 

MAJOR!’s mission is to make “IT” happen for all those we work with and for ourselves. Often times society, tradition, friends and family, etc. will discourage you from making your dreams into realities. But ultimately, your success or failure is determined by YOU. Instead of focusing on what can happen if you fail, start focusing on, “What can happen if I succeed!”.

 MAJOR!, “Make It Happen”



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USPTO# : 86003287


24.11.02   - Crowns open at the top

26.11.21   - Rectangles that are completely or partially shaded
29.01.07   - Inconspicuous designs functioning as punctuation or parts of letters
29.01.07   - Small, inconspicuous design elements functioning as punctuation or parts of lett



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The house party attending, sneaker rocking, tech-savy, fitness enthusiast who has an appreciation for art, alcohol and 2 Chainz. They like to be fly, yet comfortable...fashionable yet functional...feminine yet edgy...masculine yet sexy. They Get It, They're MAJOR!.

The 40 year old sneakerhead;

That one chick in your class that has a rediculos body, but plays no sports;

That guy who shows up to the house party in basketball shorts;

Those girls you always admire on Instagram, but never like their picutres, because secretly you're kinda jealous;

That guy that you text when you need to find a pair of cool sneakers for your boyfriends/girlfriend;

Those kids that are always both overdressed and underdressed at the same time;

That chick that is ALWAYS posting her regimented workouts online;

Your coworker who always seems to have hella energy;

The kid in your neighborhood who dresses like Justin Bieber/Jaden Smith, but you really can't hate on them, because, yeah, they actually do look cool;

That woman that always has the latest iPhone app, Nike Fuel gear, space aged shoe cleaner and makes sure she Tweets it;

That guy that is forever hustling some new idea and you know even if he fails a 100 times, that time when he does succeed will be so dope!

...yeah, they get it. They're MAJOR!

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Thank you for checking out MAJOR!

Call/Text: (202) 907-8410


Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @ThatsSoMAJOR77

Twitter:  @ThatsSoMAJOR77

Kik:  ThatsSoMAJOR77


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