MAJAKI - Giant Fox's Landing Platform

Hi !

I will present myself - I'm an architect. But I always wanted to be also a graphic designer, so I interested myself in graphic design and photography, trying to find a way to develop my skills and find a way to express myself.

DREAM ILLUSTRATION - This project will not be a Rock Poster, but a dream illustration. I dream a lot and I found some of my dreams so astonishing that they're really worth to be represented. I really like my 'Double Life'. I got plenty of sketches, more or less detailed, like for exemple these one (first one). My will is to continue an idea of dream representation as a COHERET PROJECT.

MAJAKI - I choose it as the name of the project, which means in polish "ghost, illusion, vision caused by high temperature when we're ill".

BIG FOX’s LANING PLATFORM - My choice is one of my recent dreams, Big Fox jumping from a mountain to a "landing platform" made of concrete, just to drink some water from a lake. There’s a chinese/russian/indian style house with some people around, the landscape is noth european forest with pine trees.

Important thing is color contrast - RED/ORANGE FOX and GREEN/BLUE landscape, and also another: STATIC and DYNAMIC.  I imagine fox like a meteorite or a ball of fire in a calm landscape.



Composition settings – I tried horizontal and vertical version. I hesitate a bit, but I’m more for 2nd option. What do you think is better :-)

I prepared also a first color try. It’s impressionist, just to express color contrast.

There’s one more detailed sketch also, but I’m not so convinced yet. I want to make a plenty of them, because I would like to make it simpler, more fluid, full of life.  I will try maybe to experimentate different kind of drawing. More or less geometrical, more or less detailed.

References :

I feel inspired by Hokusai works. I like simplicity of using colors.

some other images that inspiring me:

Voila voila ;-)


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