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MADEUSA CLOTHING _ a catalyst state of art

Our Story

I came up the concept for MADEUSA back in 2010 while I was working in a Brooklyn screenprinting shop as a manual screenprinter. I worked in several shops before, but I wanted to improve my printing capabilities and achieve a higher level of quality with the goods I was making. My nickname was "Rembrandt" because I would take the time to make sure jobs were properly lined up and I didnt take shortcuts. I made alot of samples and printed alot of jobs for several clients like DKNY, Betsey Johnson, Brooklyn Industries, and even Staple.

Prior to being a brooklyn screenprinter, I had taught a few friends how to do screenprinting as they were interested in starting their own operation to make shirts. We had all talked about grandiose dreams and names we would use (case-clothed llc), I put alot of creative thoughts out on the table which all went over well, but nothing ever came of this. and as time seemed to drag on I decide to move to Brooklyn and begin working closer to the industry I desperately wanted to be a part of.

One day while I was working in BK, I got an invite on facebook to like a screenprinting company called Case Clothed. Having come up with that name and knowing that it was the same guys I had worked with, I couldnt say that it didnt rub me the wrong way. I felt robbed and cheated. I thought to myself, "Out of all the names you couldve used, you chose the one I came up with and went behind my back to make it." I blamed myself as well, for trusting that the ideas I had put out were not vulnerable for someone else's use, but it did add insult to injury to receive that invite to their newly formed business page.

that night, I went home still livid about the whole thing and ended up getting way too drunk at the local bar, passing out and almost being late to work. The next day even mildly hungover, I was still stewing about the situation and being paranoid about how much harder I had to guard my ideas.

I started thinking "You know what? Fine. You can have that one idea... you can have that one "shitty" idea out of my head, because I will think of something better and I will think of new ideas all the time. But if you steal something, you have not one creative bone in your body, and you will prey on those that do."

That helped me start to think more positively. I began to think more constructively and I started thinking about what I would do if I had my own company. I was becoming more familiar with fabrics and different brands and I would say "yes, my company would use this kind of shirt"  or "no, this brand of shirt was no good." I wanted a brand that embodied hard work and craftmanship, because thats what I took pride in. The shop where I worked was based out of Red Hook and was called Quist Industries. One of the biggest draws was the view because it sat right on the East River. I could see the Verrazano Bridge, Staten, and the Statue of Liberty and it was that day, during lunch, I sat, ate and continued to process my idea of having a brand. I said " Id like to produce only american made clothing, I dont think there is enough of that, I want everything made usa.... made, usa... madeusa." (and at that very moment I pronounced it as medusa) immediately my head went to an idea of the statue of liberty with her crown, and medusa snakes as hair.

this image wouild be the icon. Ive developed it over the span of a few years, making adjustments along the way. Im sure it will go through many more changes. I call her "The Queen". Upon researching Medusa and the story behind it, I developed my own thoughts on what it means and can relate to her story. She was turned into a monster out of jealousy from the god Athena. But she became a symbol to fear, her image was considered an apotropaic instrument which is said to have the power to avert evil influences or bad luck. Right there is a great reason to have this image on a shirt - its stands for liberty and freedom while warding of evil and bad luck.


Ive developed one more logo that can better explain the brand, its was derived from the idea of a fighter jet taking off.  the two dots representing the jets.

the font is called Fidel, weird for an american brand I know. But its strong, legible, and has a good feel. Its a good font.

most of what Ive accomplished is posted on our facebook page:

heres our website which will have stuff for sale soon:

and our resident artists blog art page:

Style Guide:

-pantone 317 c

-pantone 547 c

-pantone 711 c

-pantone 185 c 

-pantone black 3 c


Fidel black

BlairMd ITC TT Medium

Avante Garde


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