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MADE Urban Apparel - Finding the source

MADE URBAN APPAREL. A brand based out of Kansas City, MO.


The brand was co-founded in September of 2012 by three men. While wasting away together at a larger corporation, they discovered that they shared something bigger, a dream of one day building a brand/company of their own. From that point on they decided to collaborate by turning their skills, ambitions, and dreams into reality. Now, they proudly present to you, MADΞ.

The origin of the name MADE was inspired by an era that was once mob ruled. During this era, being a “Made” man meant you were highly respected in the highest of rank and had little to no worries. You and everyone you cared about were taken care of. We take that timeless meaning of the word and use it in a modern sense of living the MADE life. The brand was launched on February 6th 2013. Though we are fairly a young brand barely even a year old, we know what it takes to leave a mark in this game. We want to showcase that we are a brand that can stand the test of time. The name MADE is timeless to us and in time, we hope to prove its longevity in this industry.


1. Represents individuals who are willing to do whatever it takes to become greatly successful.
2. Refuse to accept the life that is given. Instead, strive to create it.
3. Display the dedication, defiance, challenges and success of those on the same mission.


Facebook: MADE Urban Apparel

Twitter: @MADEMOBB

Instagram: @MADEMOBB


MΔDΞ Target Logo

MADE Urban Apparel Linesheet:

"Take What's Yours" Winter Collection Look Book (Sample Pamphlet)


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