Denise McIntosh

Co-Founder at Shea On U, LLC




I have been told that I am a GREAT advice giver, listener, encourager and motivator. My life has be well spent with overcoming challenges and road blocks; I have always stayed encouraged worked hard and have gotten through some of the toughest times of a persons life. I believe that I am on a spriritully successful road and It is my job to share what I have learned with others. This is my first step!!!


1. What’s the focus/topic of your speech, presentation or pitch? The focus of my pitch is “My introduction to Inspirational and Motivational Speaking


2. Who is your intended audience?  Our audience will be Individuals 19-55 years old looking forward to making positive changes in their lives.


3. Space/Location/Equipment

Where will you be presenting, what type of AV equipment will you have access to, what will you need to bring.

The forums will be held in large auditoriums across the world.  I will need a podium, microphone, and a projector with my I pad equipped with my power point display. I will also need a LARGE GLASS OF WATER!!!


4. How much time will you have to present? I will present for 1hour, which will be broken down into (2) 30-minute intervals and (1) 15 min break in between.


5. KABOOM! (Impact)

By the end of your speech, how should the audience feel? What should they think? What do you want them to do? By the end of my lesson my audience should feel refreshed and empowered knowing that anything is possible. I want them to continue to encourage themselves several times a day speaking only positive things over their lives and for their future. I also want them to implement inspirational reading and to recite periodic motivations to keep them encouraged.




1. Tell them what you’re going to say. (Intro) I am going to speak about why empowerment and the ability to motivate yourself is important to me. I will show them that by not tackling the things that are standing in their way is preventing them from achieving their goals. I will also give some examples of “Standing in your own way”.



2. Say it! (The Mighty Rule of 3)

  • Key Point 1 + Vessel for the Message- My goal for teaching how to get out of your own way, and achieving your goals. (Examples of how you may be in your way and stories on how others have achieved their goals by analyzing their lives and removing the barriers.



  • Key Point 2 + Vessel for the Message – I will show inspirational techniques, book references and real life stories as an example to my audiences. (I will set-up audience interactions, pose questions and opportunity for an on stage one on one segment at frequent events.



  • Key Point 3 + Vessel for the Message – I will announce my upcoming teachings at other locations and advise them to sign up with my website to participate with online interactions where participants can interact with myself and/or my team as well as receive daily motivations and encouragements. By signing up to my website participants will be able to set up one on one appointments or attend virtual engagements.


3. Tell them what you said. Yes, again. (Conclusion) My motivational teachings will grant you the ability to live free, think freely, and be freed from the things that are “ HOLDING YOU BACK!’ At the conclusion of my teachings you will have more confidence within yourself, to go out and follow your dreams; simply because ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.





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