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MAAR House of Style

Friday 9.26.14

I am starting this project all over again, hoping that I complete it this time around.


Sunday, 1.12.13

As I go through the process of starting a new dress collection, I often find myself dealing with the short amount of time I have between a full time job and family responsibilities.

I realize that it is only on Mondays and weekends, very early in the morning when I am more productive; however, there is always a duty call that takes over my project and there I go back again to fase 1 or loosing track of what I'm doing.

This is the result of my GSD test. Basically, it is a true picture of my productivity level at this point:

Here's how your answers correspond to the 5 phases we''ll be covering. Pay special attention to any problem areas:                       
Phase 1: Collect                    1.    Meh
Phase 2: Process                    1.    Meh
Phase 3: Organize                    4.    DANGER!
Phase 4: Review                    3.    Warning
Phase 5: Do                    4.    DANGER!

Phase 1: Collect1.MehPhase 2: Process1.MehPhase 3: Organize4.DANGER!Phase 4: Review3.WarningPhase 5: Do4.DANGER!


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