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MA Brand

Name: Eddie Acosta

Location: New York

Brand Name: Ma Brand

What is Ma Brand?:

Ma Brand is a children's clothing line that was inspired and orginally started for my son who I now call it's Young CEO.

(This is our company's fairy tale, dream and belief) - "The Story About One Of The World’s Youngest CEOs."

My Mommy and Daddy wanted something very special for babies, so they worked on a dream they knew would last for centuries. In 2011, I was born and even before I could say my first word, MA Brand was established and introduced to the world. I was made CEO even though I could not read but this was because they knew I was born to lead. At MA the greatest things happen. Baby clothes are created to be one-of-a kind and a message of leadership is brought to our minds. When I said my first word I did not know what it would mean but now I do know MA stands for much more than it seems. This is all thanks to the two people working for me, on a vision they knew was much more than a Dream!

Slogan: Start Small, Dream Big! 

Why this slogan?: Like children, everything starts small but the possibilities of growth are endless. From an idea of conception to an embryo that can grow to be a President one day, the possibilities are driven by the magnitude of our dreams. Our mission is to prove this!

Where did the name MA Brand come from?:

The name originated from our son’s initials (Marco Acosta). Initially I wanted to use the name Marco Acosta Brand but changed it to his initials because I wanted the name to be a bit more versatile and less personal. Immediately after changing it, it also dawned on me that this was our son’s and many other children’s first syllable when first learning to talk, the name at that point could have not been more fitting! "Ma"


Logo (& wordmark): 


Scaled Logo:

What went in to the logo's design?:

The letters "ma" were designed and made up of silhouettes of children's heads. There are three heads put into the design to make up the letters. Other than aesthetically working well with the design creating the letters "ma", the three faces and the direction in which they are facing have a meaning. The first one (facing left) is meant to be looking at the past, the center one (facing forward) looking towards the future and the one on the right (is looking up) realizing the present while a leaf falls from the sky. To us what you do now will change your past and build your future!


Our icon is a baby on a rocking horse.


What went into the incon: One of the most recognizable icons in the world is the Ralph Lauren Polo horse and this is where the original inspiration came from. Though the inspiraion came from Polo our icon was desinged to fit our and solely represent our targeted market which is children. Our icon is very important to the brand because it signifies movement, in order for a child to enjoy a rocking horse he cannot sit still. It is a constant reminder that movement is a requirement and we must never sit stagnant. The more we keep it moving the more fun we will have with it! 

Our Colors:

Tageted Market:




Onsies and T-shirts



Price: $29.99

Ma' Signature Long Sleve Shirt 

Price of long sleeve shirt above $19.99

Ma'lphabet Long Sleeve Shirt

Price of long sleeve shirt above $19.99

 Ma' Rocking Horse (Icon) Sweatshirt

Price of sweatshirt above $29.99

Ma' Classic Logo Sweatshirt

Price of sweatshirt above $29.99

Ma'de Sweatshirt 


Price of sweatshirt above: $29.99

Ideas for Press:




Our upcoming collection is in the works, coming very soon. Ma Brand is currently as infantile as it's CEO but like our slogan "Start Small, Dream Big" we started small but have BIG dreams!!

Thank you!

Email: [email protected]



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