M for Matilda

I just finished reading this book to my 4 year old daughter. Matilda is a precocious, brilliant child who is persecuted by horrible adults. I first considered including books in my letter because Matilda devowers books and uses them as an escape from her miserable life.


My next idea was to represent a turning point in the book, where kids finally win a battle and start to gain the courage to fight a war. A little boy stole a slice of Ms. Trunchbull’s cake from her office. To punish him, Ms. Trunchbull calls a special assembly and invites the boy to the stage. She presents him with a big cake and tells him he has to eat the whole thing. It seems impossible for a little boy to eat such a large cake, and Miss Trunchbull expects him to give up or get sick. However, he manages to successfully eat the whole cake and all the boys and girls watching burst into cheer.  It is not only a victory for the boy, but a victory for all the kids in the school.M for Matilda - image 1 - student project