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"M" and Type Logo

Logo design project for a condominiuns manager software named "MinBy".

This expression means "My Village" in swedish, and my client wanted something clean, minimalist, and that had some elements that would refer to the swedish culture.

So after some research I found this elements present in a large amount of graphic projects, the Three Crowns, that "is a national emblem of Sweden, present in the Coat of Arms of Sweden, and composed by three yellow or gilded coronets ordered two above and one below, placed on a blue background." - Wikipedia.


It gave me the idea to invert one crown to make a "M" from it.

So from it I went directly to Illustrator because I did not felt like drawing for this project. After some fast work I came with the blue and yellow shape below:


And after playing with it, practicing the tecniques learned here and adding some colors and shades, I made a new version of the shape, deciding to keep only the main shape:


For the "Minby" type I worked around with a font I use a lot for my projects, then modified the shape of it a little to make the version below:


And the composition of it was my final Logo:


That's it. Hope you like it! Cheers.


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