M U M S H I B A I  - student project

F R E E D O M E  T O  T H E  P E O P L E

MUMSHIBAI is a lifestyle brand focused on getting outside and leaving routine and expectation behind.  We've designed a lightweight and durable tent on the idea that when we set foot outside of our homes we should be taking the first steps towards adventure and expedition – Mumshibaishelters are designed on the idea that we should leave no trace, be fleet of foot, breathe more sunsets, hike more miles, hold more sunrises, survive more cold nights, live more legends.  

Mumshibai is a quiet chant at the foot of awe, and the song your heart sings when you stand at the top of a mountain at end of the day.

The F R E E D O M E is a tent designed to make taking shelter simple, light weight, and fast.  With the freedome you will spend less time camping and more time adventuring.

The F R E E D O M E uses ancient and proven techniques of paper folding combined with modern materials to create a light weight, durable and quickly deployable tent for expedtions.  "Origami" design allows for compact stowing, quick deployment, and importantly minimal waste in manufacturing resources.  The cuben fiber (CTF3) materials allow for a strong and lightweight design constructed to shelter you from the elements while you push on into your adventure.

Speed, Comfort, Adventure

LCv1 – First Pass

M U M S H I B A I  - image 1 - student project

LCv2 Updated almost all of the boxes to be more specific

M U M S H I B A I  - image 2 - student project