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Tabitha Kerbabian

Letterer & Graphic Designer



M Logo

I chose to create a letter mark for my logo.

Inspiration / Research
I started my project by brainstorming subjects for each style of logo. The one I chose was simply the one I was most excited about making.

For the letter mark subject, I spent some time thinking about which letters I might like to work with. After settling on the letter 'M', I brainstormed words that start with that letter to develop a concept. The word that sparked the most ideas for me was measurements, making me think of the flexible measuring tapes used for fabric/sewing.


I looked up images of measuring tapes for some inspiration, but kept my sketches minimal - that much detail (the numbers and smaller points) wouldn't transfer well in a logo. I just want to get the general idea and form of a measuring tape across.


(Google Image search of sewing measuring tapes)

Here are my initial logo concepts for the letter 'M' with a theme of measuring tape in mind. I am going to create a fictional seamstress company brand to go along with this theme for the sake of a strong rationale. (That heart-shaped thing is a pencil sharpener, in case you were wondering!)



I began refining a few concepts with feedback from George and fellow classmates in mind. I decided to move forward with with the thicker style lower case m, circled above. On this page, I also did a quick brainstorm of fictional seamstress company names starting with the letter m, and decided on "mend".


I brought the chosen image into Photoshop to adjust the levels, darkening the illustration and lightening the background so it would be easier to work with once I brought it into Illustrator.



I started by live tracing the sketch so that it was a vector image. I realize now that this was not neccessary - I could have just traced over top of the placed sketch image without live tracing.


I traced each shape in different colours with an opacity on each fill to make it easy to differentiate and to clearly see how each shape worked with one another.


I began the gridding process with different coloured lines and used alt/option + the arrow keys (on a Macbook) to copy and move the same angle of line. These guides helped me straighten out the angle of the italicized m strokes.


I added another colour for horizontal lines to make sure that all of the m's curves, the baseline, and the x-height were on the same level. I added another colour and perfect circles/elipses for the round guides.



These two m shapes have slight differences between them. If you look closely, you can see how I started to clean up some of the lines with the form on the bottom.



I tested out different colour schemes - I want to keep it simple so I'm sticking with monochrome. I added Centery Gothic Bold to complete the brand name. This logo can be used on it's own and as a wordmark.


More colour scheme exploration can  be seen here. On the bottom one, I added a thick white stroke between the first stroke of the m and the rest of its body to differentiate the measuring tape illustration from the letter.



I thought about how the logo might look on a background adn decided that in line with the thick stroke separating the character, it might look nice with an all-around stroke.


I decided the entire word looked a littly tacky with a stroke, so I changed the e-n-d to simply white.


This is my final mark! I'm going to step away from it for a while and come back to it with fresh eyes later to see if any refinements need to be made. At this point, I've been looking at it for too long.

Feedback is welcome and appreciated! If you have any comments / suggestions / questions or need help with your own project, please don't hesitate to connect with me.


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