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México Tradicional

My name is Georgina and I'm a Mexican designer.

My goal for this pattern is to promote Mexico all around the world with designs that can inspire, decorate, and make you experience interiors from a different perspective. I love textile and I would like to create a linen brand. 

I'm hopping to transmit the real and traditional Mexico, not the comercial one. Hope you enjoy it :) 


[Update 1] - Pattern drawings


[Update 2]

Hi Elizabeth!!

I have to tell you that I really enjoyed taking your class!! I think you are a great designer and I love your patterns. For a better result I took both of your classes and I came up with a collection!! :) :D I would really love it if you could give me some feedback cause I had some doubts on the final results. 

Anyways I'm happy and very greatful!

If at any time in the future you have a new course I would love to take it!! And if you want to come to Mexico don't hesitate to contact me! :)

Pattern description:

Anybody who knows Mexico understands colors are a fundamental part of its culture. Crossing its streets is a true feast to the eyes from which you can appreciate the country's vegetation diversity, its craftsmanship and its people. I hope this project makes you feel a bit more eager to know Mexico at its most traditional.

PS. I'm still having problem with the lines at the begining and ending of the swacht pattern (is notable in the secondary pattern) Does anyone knows why? Thank you!! :) 



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