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Máni and Brá on their way to go sightseeing the Earth

I got my inspiration from a short story written by a friend of mine and just felt I had to draw from that. Sorry, there were no photos available of the little aliens.
What I found most useful in this class was how to mix patterns and textures into other media using Photoshop. The feature Multiply, will probably become one of my favorites! I would not have been able to put this together without your class Erla María, thank you!
So I really enjoyed mixing this and I will be making a little series of pictures of Máni and Brá and their their adventurous sightseeing journey to Earth.
About the picture:
The background is my raincoat, the planets are rosenquarz marbles, the texture of the spaceship is gotten from a glass pyramid prism. The little aliens Máni and Brá are textured by a soft sponge.

I only made one sketch and built on top of it. Here´s some the process in pictures.









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