M's watercolor texture experiments

  1. Scanning the watercolor textures

Here is the before shots of the water color texture prior to using Photoshop. It greatly helped to cut down the watercolor sheets to a size smaller than the scanner bed and taking the time to do that improved the color quality.


Before - scan1. I use winstor Martin watercolors on this. I would have liked for it to be a little more saturated.


before - Scan2: the blue block was done with the PhMartin's and right off I liked the way the colors were so intense. The red block is with the Winsor Martin and its okay


Before - scan 3. My first try. And with this one I added a little too much water to blend the orange and the red - voilet and its caused a lot of blooms in the watercolor. I currently don't like this but maybe with the text it might look cool. Have to wait and try that out.


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