Lyza (& The Lich)

Lyza (& The Lich) - student project

So this is the first time I've actually gone through the whole process of creating a character, fleshing it out(sorta?) and coloring it. Really fun process and great lesson overall!

This is Lyza... and the Lich. Really enjoyed creating them for this project. There's somewhat of a backstory about her and her demon-esque cat but it didn't end up reflecting on the art so I might improve upon that later.

Initial sketching, done a bunch more overall but this is where she started shaping up after I decided on a style:

Lyza (& The Lich) - image 1 - student project


More sketching and faces. Tried a bunch of different shapes for eyes, noses and mouths. Learned a lot during the process!

Lyza (& The Lich) - image 2 - student project


Final rough and first ink+shade. I'm not used to coloring so I was actually gonna leave her b/w with blacks for shades only, but I ended up deciding to go full on the project and it paid off!


Lyza (& The Lich) - image 3 - student project


And there they are, ended up adding a rough texture on Illustrator for the lols. Still learning a lot about illustration in general so I'd love any kind of feedback :-)

Lyza (& The Lich) - image 4 - student project