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Lyrical Visions

My first song is Safe From Harm by Massive Attack. I'm still a big fan of Massive Attack and their spin-offs.  Though the song is 20 yrs old, it still has a fresh urban sound. Its multi-layers of techno and almost-gospel lead vocals are haunted by the reoccurring background verse. It's a dark song with uneasy lyrics that are both protective and obsessive in nature. 

My second, least favorite, song is Roar by Katy Perry. I am not a fan of pop. But this damn song has not got out of my head after been featured on Good Morning America (which I watch before going to work) for the last couple weeks. It is catchy with a positive, self-empowering message. I can see why it's popular with the school kids. I made the big mistake seeing the video, so it's hard to get away from the literal concept of roaring jungle animals and fire. This will take a bit more "out of the box" thought. Open to suggestions.

I've included mood boards that also have some font options. But still work to do. Look forward to any feedback.



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