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Lyrical Lettering

Hi everyone! I'm excited to join you in this course/adventure!

My project is "Lyrical Lettering", with lyrics from one of my many 'favorite' songs!

Unfortunately my rough sketch was abit bigger than my scanner bed, so it's abit cut off. 

I started to work on it in Illustrator before I saw this course but before I upload any of the progress images I want to read abit more of the course content. :)

It's a treat to see everyone's work, there is so much beautiful diversity!

Now that I have read through more of the course content, and looked at everyone's great work, I see how weak my inkwork is. I have uploaded my original pencil work here and took a photo instead of scan so it all fits.

When I did the ink work, I traced over the pencil on tracing paper, because I have wrecked good pencil sketches with shoddy ink work before. 

Although I spent some time starting the vector work before I found this course, I am going to start over and just work through a proper process as Sean describes. I am SO glad to have found this course!

In the meantime, just a question regarding ink work - does anyone use tracing paper over their pencil work? Or is everyone just going from pencil to the computer, or else inking over the pencil work? 


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