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Hi everyone, and thanks DKNG for another interesting class!

I've been home with a cold and fever all week, so this is something I've spent my time with the past couple of days. I decided to do a lynx, because I think that they're quite recognizable even among felines, because of their ears. That gave me a lot of creative freedom without the risk of ending up with something that would look like a complete other animal. 

I started out with this (very) rough sketch

It gave me a bit of a hint of what to go for when I eventually got to Illustrator. I then researched some reference photos of lynx and found these photos

When I eventually started making shapes in illustrator, I based the shapes more on the reference photos than my sketch (since it was very rough, something to improve on next time). I didn't go too crazy with decorating my shapes, since I really liked what was happening when there wasn't too much going on.

I ended up with this:

Any feedback is appreciated! I had lots of fun doing this.


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